Sunday, January 15, 2017

Working away

I'm working away on a few projects, one is the ink formulas I posted previews of earlier another is my next campaign as I don't have one active right now. I'm considering seriously embracing the whole murder-hobo thing with campaign rules geared more to that, enough expecting heroic play from tomb robbing scoundrels. Also got some paper soldiers/miniatures in the brew.

Likely Classes for the "embracing murder-hoboism"

Marauder: kicks in doors, kills stuff in way and loots. The straightforward melee masters of the game.
Rake: doesn't just steal coffers of coins also steal the hearts and trust of the gullible, these swashbuckling bravos are a tad less direct than marauders but still nonetheless they are action oriented.
Pilferer: Breaks in and takes off with loot.
Footpad/Thug:  Sneaks up on folks and does the whole backstabby take their stuff thing. Either going to use a kosh or be the unarmed combat master of the campaign.
Bushwacker: sneaks around outside and shoots people in the back.
Montebank: racketeer charlatans that discover magic comes to those who talk about it too much and they learn how to use it to steal stuff.
Idolater: In the hidden corners of the world there are relics, artifacts, altars, and icons of the forgotten gods by trickery and appeasement little specks of their power can be made use of.
Defiler: The dead hold no secrets to those that know how to loosen their tongues. Low class necromancers that spend more time talkign with the dead than they do animating them (not that that is off the table).
Pyromancer: why learn to work magic if you don't bother learning how to use create and manipulate fire? If it needs burning down, these are the guys that will do it.
Sarker: fighter/magic-users of sort who draw raw power from the skins of beasts they slay.

Not the good guys. Maybe not the worst guys, but certainly not pretending to be the good guys. PCs of this sort might just discover themselves the targets of the sort that consider themselves the good guys.

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