Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Level Nine Ink Formulas

One more preview of Ink Formulas for the reader, this time it's the ninth level spells.

Level 9
Astral Spell
Five measures of Chthonic Salts melted in and equal amount of Concentrated Morphean Plasma.
An Angel Plume with a Platinum Pent-tip is required to scribe a scroll with this ink.

The ink brewer should take caution not to use Diluted or Rarefied Chthonic Salts as this will result in the Astral form being unable to return to the body without outside assistance

Six Measures of Ethereal Syrup, Three Measures Purified Morphean Wax, and One measure of Aged Leviathan Jelly.
An Ostrich Plume soaked in extract of lotus blossom is used to pen a scroll with this ink.

The scribe of this scroll may replace one measure of Ethereal Syrup with Denatured Cerebral Salts gathered from the cranium of a wizard dead for at least thirteen years and in so doing the target of this spell will be hounded by a simulacrum of that wizard while trapped in the maze.

Two Measure of Cerebral Oil, Two measures of Purified Cerebral Salts, One Measure of Ethreal Essence, and Five Measures of Evaporated Demonic Umbra.
A Roc Plume is required to pen this scroll.

Up to three measure of Evaporated Demonic Umbra can be replaced with Aged Titanic Jelly but it doubles the chance of the wrong creature being summoned and typically it will be answered (in this case) by an angry elder titan.

Meteor Swarm
Three measures of Agitated Sanguine Earth, Six Measures of Celestial Salts, and One measure of Intensified Draconic Ichor.
A Griffon Plume is required to scribe a scroll.

The measures of Agitated Sanguine Earth has been successfully replaced with Pulsating Lunar Plasma but the quill used to scribe the scroll must have a Diamond Pen-tip in this case.

Monster Summoning VII
One measure each of Fresh Draconic, Necrotic, Elemental, Demonic, Verminous, Titanic,and Leviathan Oil mixed with Three Measures of Chthonic Earth.
A Roc Plume is required to pen a scroll with this ink.

As a variant the three measures of Cthonic Earth may be replaced with three single measures of the ash from three individual members of a specific type of monster and the scroll when used will only summon a member of that species of creature.

Power Word Kill
Three measures each of Necrotic Bile, Aged Necrotic Oil, and Denatured Celestial Essence, and One Measure of Pulsating Demonic Umbra.
An Angel Plume is recommended but not required to scribe this spell.

Please note that while any Plume may be used to scribe the spell scribes that have attempted to do so with a Manticore Quill have been found dead after scribing.

Prismatic Sphere
One measure each of Purified Sanguine Pigment, Purified Melancholic Pigment, Purified Choleric Pigment, and Purified Phlegmatic Pigment must be mixed with Six measures of Calcified Morphean Essence.
A Parrot Plume with a Platinum Pen-tip is required to pen a scroll with this ink.

Caution: if a non-purified pigment is used in breaking this ink  he spell will function but it will not contain 1 to 4 of the outer colors (1-Red, 2- Red and Orange, 3- Red, Orange, and yellow, 4- Red to Green).

Shape Change
Nine measure of Wax are used in brewing of this ink one each nature as follows:  Draconic, Lunar, Elemental, Ethereal , Chthonic, Essential, Morphean, Titanic, Verminous, and Leviathan. All are mixed together  thoroughly and reduced in Agitated Draconic Bile.
The scroll must be penned with a Manticore Quill dipped in mercury.

It is possible to replace the Agitated Draconic Bile with Universal Solvent but the fumes created by this process will render any who inhale them to be immune to beneficial transmogrification (polymorph and shape change) for up to a year after contact.

Time Stop
Three measure of Reduced Lunar Oil, Three Measure of Agitated Titanic Bile, Three measures of Evaporated Morphean Umbra, and One Measure of Shaved Leviathan Integument.
The scroll must be penned with a Platinum tipped Angel Plume.

One measure of Agitated Titanic Bile may be replaced with One measure of Aged Cthonic Earth but in doing so the user of the scroll may not enter or exit the area of the Time Stop during the duration of the spell.

One Measure each of Fresh Sanguine Salts, Denatured Cerebral Plasma, Crystalized Lunar Jelly, Rarefied Ethereal Dew, Infused Essential Essence, Concentrated Elemental Umbra, Condensed Demonic Mucus, Aged Celestial Syrup, Shavings of Calcified Morphean Essence, and Denatured Leviathan Ichor.
The scroll must be written with a Roc Plume dipped in Orachalcum and bearing a Diamond Pen-tip.

A Wish Scroll may be penned with a petrified Efreeti or Djinni finger crafted into a pen using a brass knife specially crafted for that purpose and then (the brass knife) reshaped into the ink bottle to hold the ink for at least one year prior to use. If the aforementioned is done properly the Wish spell cast from the scroll will not incapacity the user of the scroll after use and the wish is unlikely to turn against the user of the scroll, any Djinni or Efreeti will be aware of the manner the scroll was worked and react poorly to any who use it or the results of the wish.

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