Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Level One Ink Formulas

A preview of a yet to be named supplement for Swords & Wizardry and other compatible RPGS. The complete work will include all the spells from Swords & Wizardry complete, I'll post notice here when the whole work is published.

 Level 1

Charm Person
One measure each Sanguine Pigment and Phlegmatic Salts.
Must be penned with a Peacock Plume.

It has been reported that using Melancholic Wax in place of the Phlegmatic Salts has doubled the   duration of the spell but the target tends to need constant attention and is prone to fall into a stupor of brooding.

Detect Magic
One measure each of Lunar Powder and Cerebral Jelly
It is recommended that the scroll be penned with a Parrot Plume, other avian plumes have been reported to be functional but at a disadvantage to the initial scribing of the scroll.

Hold Portal
One measure each of Choleric Earth and Melancholic Salts.
Any Plume may be used but it must hold a copper pen tip.

Some ink brewers have reported success in increasing the effectiveness of the spell by mixing a double batch (requiring twice the ingredients above) with an additional measure of Elemental Oil.

Two measures of Celestial Essence.
The scroll must be scribed with an Owl Plume.

A scroll with an inferior casting of Light may be possible if one measure of Celestial Essence is replaced with a measure of Draconic Bile if Celestial Essence is of limited supply.

Magic Missile
One measure each of Draconic Ichor and Elemental Salts.
An Eagle Plume is normally needed to successfully pen the scroll.

If a Manticore Quill is used in place of Eagle Plume the first Magic Missile thrown will inflict 2 additional points of damage but the attempt to scribe the scroll will be at a disadvantage.

Protection from Evil
One measure each of Celestial Power and Necrotic Earth.
An Owl Plume is required to scribe this scroll.

If an additional measure of Celestial Powder is used in the brewing of the potion the duration of the spell when cast from the scroll will be increased by 50%.

Read Languages
A measure of Cerebral Gum mixed with a measure of Ethereal Pigment is needed to brew the ink for this spell.
An Owl Plume is required to scribe the scroll.

Read Magic
One measure each of Cerebral Salts and Lunar Dew.
An Eagle Plume is normally required to scribe this scroll.

If an Owl Plume with an Electric Pen-tip is used to scribe the scroll the user of this will gain a temporary+2 bonus to resist a curse or hostile magics placed on a magical work.

One measure of Elemental Earth and Ethereal Oil.
Any Plume may be used but it must be used with a Bronze Pen-tip.

If an Angel Plume is used the spell will serve to provide AC 2[17] against both missile and melee attacks.

One measure each of Lunar Powder and Morphean Essence.
An Ostrich Plume is required to pen this spell.

If the pen tip is dipped in an additional measure of Lunar Powder (which is entirely used) while scribing the scroll the duration of the spell will be extended by 50%.

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  1. I've been wanting something like this for ages! I'd love to have a robust set of materials for magic. Especially if it allowed players to make logical modifications to improve aspects of the spells (like your showing here).