Saturday, December 3, 2016

My 2nd Grader's First Computer Game

My 2nd grader has made his first computer game. It's a simple 2d shooter all whipped up by my son.  It's not slick,it's not complicated, it's not polished but it's ALL by him.  It will only run on windows machines but hey it's his first game.

I'm a proud dad.


  1. I enjoyed it. I wonder how the game would change if the enemies spawned at random heights. The furthest I made it was about 10 screens, so I don't know if they do show up randomly later on. I'm actually not very good at games like this. Kinda of reminds me how I am terrible at games like Defender and R-Type, oh and Raiden.

  2. Ain't that grand? ;)

    My kid did a scratch game, and man was I proud.