Saturday, June 5, 2021

Loot...Playing with the kids.

Did I not post all of May? How'd that happen?

I've been gaming with my sons. Our last session they delved down into the second level of the actual dungeon (not knowing they would be) and bribed some gargoyles to not attack them, destroyed almost a dozen animated skeletons, chased but wisely didn't catch a necromancer, discovered a magical steppign stone leading to an orcish city of at least 6 orc chimneys, encountered and defeated some curious elves with exotic weapons and armor (moon elves but unnown to them) yiledign the best loot they've gotten in a while consisting of: 2 silver daggers, a diaphramous mesh hauberk, and an orachalcum wasp-gonne with a spare bottle of wasps.

Now my sons are arguing about keeping or selling the wasp-gonne. It's likely worth over 1,000 Golden Lions which is much more coin than they have come across yet. It'll take a run to a big city or well known noble to sell it off for that much however. As a note for the reader a Golden Lion is worth 40 Bronze Groats the common coin of the campaign and it costs a bachelor about 6 groats a week to maintain a meager standard of living out in the villages of The Hundred where they are.


  1. This post has better imagery than most full-size campaign books.

    1. Thanks. I'm keeping it fresh and trying to make it wondrous where I can. My youngest son makes it easy to try new things becasue while he has some expectations he's not as jaded and programmed as older players. I've also always like things a little weird.

    2. Who are you calling jaded? The youngest sibling also doesn't let me mercilessly kill things that have wronged us or deserver it. Damn Undertale!