Thursday, June 10, 2021

Orachalcum Wasp Gonne

 Orachalcum Wasp Gonne, a baroque weapon manufactured by the elves of elder times and still in use among Moon Elves and isolated enclaves. It will clearly appear to be a gun of sorts to those familiar with firearms but lacking any obvious sign of ignition and possessing a screw top orifice to accept it's curious ammunition. The gun fire is almost silent with a strange chuffing puff of breeze and the angry buzz of the ammunition.

Damage: 1d3+ Paralysis (save vs poison to avert paralysis but victim is still slowed)

Range: 30/60/120

WSF: 4 (to ready)

RoF: 1 per round. (a specialist may fire 2 times a round if they do not move while firing)

Ammo: Jar of up to 8 saffron wasps. Wasps are -2 to hit in areas of cold.

Special: if the initial attack roll misses the wasp will circle and make a second attack roll on target unless target is protected by repellent, obscured by smoke/mist/fog, or there are windy conditions.  

Smashing the jar of wasps will generally cause them to wander off in confusion but there is a small chance (a hostile reaction of reaction check) that the wasp will attack. 

The wasps wither into paper-like husks immediately after attacking.

(I undoubtedly got this idea from someone else, I just don't recall where)

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  1. I love this. My home game is fairie-tale influenced and has old elf mansions scattered about the forest. These are veterans of an ancient war from 1000 years ago, settled on lands they helped defend. I'm thinking at least one of them has one of these on the mantle. I'm also thinking the "wasp-shotte" has been put in individual jars and screwed into fixtures to act as light sources (dim light for 20 feet radius, maybe). Have them scattered throughout the house, so the old codger has to shatter the lamps for ammunition while defending the homestead one last time.