Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Go to the Doctor

Seriously if you aren't feeling well go to the doctor.  If you haven't been to the doctor in years, go see a doctor, Some things you just can't tough your way out of or treat yourself if you are genuinely unaware of the real problem.

I had a few odd health issue this summer (notice the lack of posts) and after finally dragging myself to the doctor I've discovered I'm mildly diabetic. It's not very severe at all according to tests so far and the low end management drug they gave me is having ridiculously obvious and beneficial impact on my health so far. Doctors are still snooping about trying to figure out what went on with me but the diagnosis so far isn't awful.

Nope you just don't get older, there can be simple treatable health issues. 

So I'm feeling better than I have in years, don't neglect your health by staying away from your doctor.

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