Saturday, November 5, 2022

Scenario setup charts

Every now and again a campaign needs a scenario that isn't a conventional dungeon adventure so here is a set of charts to generate a scenario for a fantasy campaign. Characters will either be bystanders, wrongly accused, employed to remedy the situation, or employed to complete the plot. 


1. Robbery

2. Assault

3. Kidnapping

4. Vandalism

5. Smuggling

6. Extortion

7. Fraud

8. Conquest

9. Curse



1.  Rapscallions- youths, drunkards, or beggars

2.  Nobles-  plotting local noble , annoying fops, or drunken noble youths on a rand.

3.  Bandit- highwaymen, bushwackers and such, often desperate peasants

4.  Thieves- professional thieves

5.  Cultists- a secret heretic cult, a hidden local order, or followers of a new prophet

6.  Brigands- Organized criminal militants

7.  Goblins- kobolds, gremkins, hobgoblins, boggarts, or boggles

8.  Fey- Brownies, Pixies, or Leves

9.  Giant- Ogres, Trolls, or True Giants

10. Dragon

11. Undead- ghosts, ghouls, vampires, or conjured minions

12. Mage - a mad wizard, plotting necromancer, wicked witch, or dark druid

13. Gargoyles/Harpies

14. Beastmen/Talking Animal- troublesome beastmen, talkign animals, or chimera

15. Demonic- evil/chaotic fiends form the lower planes

16. Lycanthropes

17. Constructs/Conjurations- fabricated foes either mechanical or crafted with magic

18. Invaders- foreign invaders

19. Dwarves- Either Petty Dwarves, Deep Dwarves, or stubborn members of a dwarven hold.

20. Merchants- businessmen are not always completely legit


1. Freeholder- a local free-farmer or woodsman

2. Village- a whole village is targtetted

3. Local Noble/Government Official

4. Local Church/Temple

5. Artisan

6. Guild- an entire guild is targeted

7. Castle- a castle and all it's inhabitants are threatened.

8. Town

9. Widow


Sometimes there is a secret patron of the offenders

1. Noble

2. Abbot- the head of a local monastery or temple is behind the whole thing

3. Local Hero- shockingly a local hero is behind the whole thing

4. Local Villain- no one is surpsied this cad is up to no good again

5. Guildmaster

6. Mage

7. Religious Order

8. Mercenary Commader

9. Monster




Sometimes the Patron or the Offenders have a Hideout

1. Abandoned Farm

2. Lonely Tower

3. Cave

4. Tomb/Catacomb

5. Castle

6. Secret Camp

Now and again A Complication arises

1.  Tournament

2.  Fair/Feast

3.  Wedding

4.  Funeral

5.  Competition

6.  Hostage

7.  Weather

8.  Fire!

9.  Sickness/Famine

10. Omen

11. Monster

12. Duel

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