Saturday, November 26, 2022


 Just spotted this fun video from last year.

Surviving on a gallon of water and a pound of food a day...  that would be grim after a couple days.  People are mammals and omnivores as a real rough rule we need to consume our body weight in mixed food over the course of a month, the more calorie dense foods you eat the less this total weight will actually be.   

When figuring out survival in the wild for games don't forget the rule of 3, that works out to you needing 3 quarts of water a day (just for drinking everyone forgets you need more water if yuo are also cookign food), 3 pounds of food each day (mostly but not all vegetables), you can likely make it 3 weeks without food but you will suffer, 3 days without water kills most of us (it would sure kill me) and if you go for 3 minutes without air you will most certainly die. 

Be careful, drink your water (you always seem to need more water than you think you will while hiking, camping, or working) and don't plan of "dieting" while doing anything physically challenging.

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