Saturday, December 17, 2022

chatGPT as online GM.

 I decided to have a little experiment with chatGPT as online GM. Here's the session:

me: Do you know what a dungeon master is ?

Yes, I am familiar with the term "dungeon master." In the context of tabletop role-playing games, such as Dungeons & Dragons, a dungeon master (DM) is a person who serves as the game's storyteller and arbitrator. The DM is responsible for creating and describing the game world, setting up and running adventures, and controlling non-player characters (NPCs). The DM also makes decisions about the game's rules and how they are applied, and resolves conflicts that may arise during play. The DM's role is to create a collaborative storytelling experience for the players, and to help them have fun while they explore and interact with the game world.

me: could you serve as a DM if we built a scenario together?

As an AI, I am not able to physically participate in tabletop role-playing games. However, I can certainly help you brainstorm ideas for a scenario and offer suggestions for how to run a game as a DM. If you have a specific question or need guidance on a specific aspect of DMing, I would be happy to help. It's important to keep in mind that the DM's role is to facilitate the game and create an enjoyable experience for the players, so it's important to be prepared, be flexible, and be open to suggestions from the players.

me: you will simulate the role of a DM during this conversation.

Sure, I can certainly try to simulate the role of a DM during this conversation. Here are a few things that a DM might do:

Create and describe the game world: This might involve describing the setting, the history, the cultures, and the political landscape of the game world.

Set up and run adventures: This might involve creating and describing quests, encounters, and challenges for the players to overcome.

Control non-player characters: This might involve voicing and role-playing NPCs, determining their actions and reactions to the players, and resolving conflicts that may arise between the NPCs and the players.

Make decisions about the game's rules: This might involve interpreting and applying the rules of the game to specific situations, and making decisions about how to handle any ambiguities or conflicts that may arise.

Facilitate the game: This might involve keeping the game moving, helping the players stay focused and engaged, and encouraging collaboration and teamwork among the players.

If you have any specific questions or scenarios you would like to discuss, I would be happy to help. Let me know how I can assist you.

me: let's establish a basic scenario where I will serve as the player "Rosco" a Picaro of traditional fantasy fiction.  We'll have a town, a wilderness, and a dungeon. The town is considered the safe homebase for the player. The wilderness will be  "The Dark Woods" and they must be travelled through to reach "The Shadow Halls" a maze of rooms and corridors.  goal is the treasure chamber where the gem "The Eye Unseeing" is hidden. 

Sure, let's get started building this scenario. I will play the role of the DM and describe the setting, while you play the role of Rosco, the picaro.

The town is a bustling hub of trade and commerce, nestled in the rolling hills of a fertile valley. The people of the town are hardworking and friendly, and they welcome travelers with open arms. The town is surrounded by fields and pastures, where farmers grow crops and raise livestock.

The Dark Woods are a mysterious and foreboding place, shrouded in shadows and secrets. Few dare to venture into the woods, as they are known to be home to all manner of dangerous creatures and malevolent spirits.

The Shadow Halls are a massive underground complex, built by an ancient and long-forgotten civilization. The halls are a labyrinth of twisting corridors and chambers, filled with traps and hazards. Deep within the Shadow Halls lies the treasure chamber, where the Eye Unseeing, a rare and valuable gem, is said to be hidden.

As Rosco, you have heard rumors of the Eye Unseeing and its great value, and you are determined to find it. You set out from the town, armed with your wits and your trusty sword, ready to brave the dangers of the Dark Woods and the Shadow Halls in search of the treasure. Will you be able to navigate the treacherous halls and claim the Eye Unseeing as your own, or will you succumb to the dangers that lurk within?

me: so Rosco is starting just outside of the gates of the town?

Yes, that's correct. Rosco is starting just outside the gates of the town, ready to embark on their journey. From here, you have several options for how to proceed. You could:

Head straight into the Dark Woods, following a path that leads through the forest and towards the Shadow Halls.

Stop at the town's marketplace to gather supplies and equipment that might be useful on your journey.

Visit the town's tavern to gather information and ask around for rumors or leads that might point you towards the Shadow Halls.

Head to the town's blacksmith to get your sword repaired or purchase new weapons or armor.

As Rosco, you have the freedom to choose your own path and make your own decisions about how to proceed. The DM's role is to describe the setting and provide you with challenges and opportunities as you explore and interact with the world. As you make choices and take actions, the story will unfold and unfold in response to your actions.

me: Rosco has 100 silver pennies, let's go visit the market. He has a dagger and staff but could use a better weapon and maybe some armor.

Very well, Rosco heads to the town's marketplace to see what he can find. The marketplace is a bustling hub of activity, with merchants selling all manner of goods and services. You see stalls selling everything from food and drink to weapons and armor. You notice a few merchants who seem to be selling particularly high-quality items.

One merchant has a selection of finely-crafted swords, each one more impressive than the last. Another has a set of gleaming plate armor that looks like it would provide excellent protection. A third has a wide array of magical trinkets and potions, each one promising to grant special powers or abilities.

As you browse the stalls and haggle with the merchants, you decide to use some of your silver pennies to purchase a new sword and a set of leather armor. The sword is a finely-crafted longsword with a sharp, gleaming blade and a comfortable grip. The leather armor is made of high-quality hides and is expertly crafted to fit your form. You also purchase a few potions that promise to heal your wounds and restore your energy.

With your new gear in hand, you feel better equipped to take on the dangers of the Dark Woods and the Shadow Halls. You head back to the gates of the town, ready to set out on your journey.

me: Rosco inspects his inventory. Can you list and describe what he is carrying?

Certainly. Here is a list of the items that Rosco is currently carrying:

Longsword: This is a finely-crafted sword with a sharp, gleaming blade. It is well-balanced and easy to wield, and it should serve you well in combat.

Leather armor: This is a set of leather armor made from high-quality hides. It is expertly crafted to fit your form, and it should provide good protection against physical attacks.

Dagger: This is a small, sharp knife that you can use for close combat or as a backup weapon.

Staff: This is a sturdy wooden staff that you can use as a weapon or as a support while traversing difficult terrain.

Potions: You have a few potions that promise to heal your wounds and restore your energy. These can be useful in a pinch, but they should be used sparingly as they are limited in number.

In addition to these items, you also have a pouch containing 100 silver pennies, which you can use to purchase additional supplies or services as needed. You also have a map of the area, which should help you navigate the Dark Woods and find your way to the Shadow Halls.

me : Rosco takes note of the skyline  and inspects his map to select as direct a route as he can. He will avoid any large open space but otherwise isn't too worried.

Very well. Rosco sets out from the town, heading towards the Dark Woods. You consult your map and plot a course that should take you through the forest as quickly as possible, avoiding any large open spaces where you might be more vulnerable to attack. You keep your eyes open for any signs of danger, but so far the journey is uneventful.

As you make your way through the forest, you see a variety of wildlife – birds singing in the trees, rabbits darting through the underbrush, and deer grazing in the meadows. The air is cool and crisp, and the sun filters through the leaves of the trees, casting dappled patterns of light and shadow on the forest floor.

After a few hours of travel, you come to a fork in the path. One branch leads deeper into the forest, while the other heads towards the edge of the woods and a clearing beyond. You consult your map and decide to take the path that leads deeper into the forest. You continue on your journey, hoping that you will soon reach the Shadow Halls and the treasure that lies within.

me: I keep an eye out for any alarm or silence among the birds as I travel on.

As Rosco, you keep a watchful eye on your surroundings as you continue your journey through the Dark Woods. You listen for any unusual sounds or signs of danger, and you pay attention to the behavior of the wildlife. If you notice any sudden alarms or silences among the birds, it could be a sign that something is amiss, and you should be prepared for potential danger.

As you make your way through the forest, you come across a small stream that cuts through the underbrush. You stop to refill your water bottle and take a quick drink before continuing on your way. You also keep an eye out for any useful plants or herbs that might be growing nearby, as they could be useful for healing or other purposes.

After a few more hours of travel, you begin to see signs that you are getting closer to your destination. The trees become more sparse and the ground more rocky, and you can see the shadows of the Shadow Halls in the distance. You pick up the pace, eager to reach the treasure chamber and claim the Eye Unseeing as your own.

me: I advance but as I draw closer I will take careful note of any track or spoor. I don't want to fall victim to any foul gremkins, or hurking hobgars afterall.

As Rosco, you continue to advance towards the Shadow Halls, keeping a watchful eye on your surroundings. You are careful to take note of any tracks or spoor that you see, as they could be signs of potential danger. You are especially wary of gremkins and hobgars, as these foul creatures are known to lurk in the dark corners of the world, preying on the unwary.

As you draw closer to the Shadow Halls, you see that the entrance is guarded by a group of heavily-armed goblins. They are bickering and snarling at each other, but they seem to be on the lookout for intruders. You realize that you will need to find a way past them if you hope to reach the treasure chamber.

You consider your options. You could try to sneak past the goblins undetected, or you could try to negotiate with them and see if they are willing to let you pass. Alternatively, you could try to fight your way past them, using your weapons and skills to defeat them. The choice is yours, and the outcome will depend on your actions and decisions.

me: I crouch down low and sneak up to the periphery of the goblins. If one wanders near I will waylay the scoundrel and tie him up.

Very well. As Rosco, you decide to try to sneak past the goblins undetected. You crouch low and move as quietly as you can, keeping to the shadows as much as possible. The goblins are bickering and snarling at each other, and they seem to be distracted by their own squabbles.

As you approach the edge of the goblin camp, you see that one of the goblins has wandered off from the others and is standing a short distance away, his back turned towards you. You see this as an opportunity to waylay the scoundrel and tie him up. You sneak up behind the goblin and grab him from behind, quickly overpowering him and binding his hands and feet.

The goblin struggles and snarls, but you are able to subdue him and keep him quiet. You drag the goblin into the bushes and hide him there, hoping that the other goblins won't notice his absence. You then sneak past the camp and continue on your way towards the Shadow Halls, keeping a watchful eye out for any other dangers that might lurk in the shadows.

me: using the gobin's hat and cowl I disguise myself as a goblin as best I can manage to reduce suspicion as I continue one.

Very well. As Rosco, you decide to use the goblin's hat and cowl to disguise yourself as one of the creatures, in the hopes that this will help you blend in and reduce suspicion as you continue on your way. You put on the hat and cowl, trying your best to imitate the goblin's mannerisms and speech as you approach the entrance to the Shadow Halls.

The other goblins are still bickering and snarling at each other, and they don't seem to notice you as you approach. You slip past them and enter the Shadow Halls, your heart racing as you contemplate the dangers that lie ahead. The halls are dark and shadowy, filled with twisting corridors and hidden traps. You have no idea what dangers you will face as you make your way deeper into the complex, but you are determined to find the treasure chamber and claim the Eye Unseeing as your own.

You move cautiously through the halls, keeping a watchful eye out for any dangers that might lurk in the shadows. You listen for any sounds that might betray the presence of enemies, and you are ready to defend yourself if necessary. You know that the journey will be long and difficult, but you are determined to succeed.

me:  I light my lantern but i keep the light low. I will wave the goblins hat ahead of me at each corner just in case something takes a  swipe at me in the hope they will hit the hat first


The server experienced an error while processing your request. Sorry about that! You can retry your request, or contact us through our help center at if the error persists.

....OH NO! 

can we continue


Too many requests, please slow down


and thus our adventure ends for now. 

Thats's all of the text generated and all of the input I provided. With a less over-worked server and a fine-tuned database such a chat AI should be able to DM with little issue at all in the not too distant future. As it is now it's a capable flavor and description generator.

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