Thursday, December 15, 2022

We don't need ONE D&D.

 DND doesn't need WoTC. RPG players don't need WOTC. WoTC needs money to stay in business. This doesn't make them villains.

The terrible secret of DND and all RPGS is that you don't need more than one set of rules per group, once people buy the core rules of an RPG they have invested all the money they need to play the game for decades. I've been playing D&D for decades, I don't need to ever buy another thing from WoTC to play DND so they have to work hard to get more money from me or look elsewhere for someone else's money.

The desire for the company to monetize DND more doesn't surprise me or scare me: if WoTC stops selling products they stop being WoTC. They (and more-so people before them) successfully sold me things in the past so (as above) they really have to step up their game or find new customers. Neither of those two things is bad for DND. 

Questing Beast has a good video on this. 


  1. Preach - my only hope for this one d&d stuff is that it's so bad that it breaks the spell wizards of the coast seems to have over a lot of people.

  2. WotC got $120 from me in 2005 when I bought 3.5, and another $150 when I bought 5e in 2014. They haven't gotten a penny from me in 8 years, and will not be getting a penny from me. We play 1981 B/X, and have for 5 years now.

    1. The current game isn't bad, it just isn't what I want. It feels like "The X-Men go dungeoncrawling" to me.