Saturday, January 7, 2023

On The Nature of Orcs

The following brief text outlines the nature of Orcs within a fantasy role-playing campaign.  It is not inconsistent with the root source of orcs or as known in classical fantasy gaming. The identity of Leviathan can be that of any nemesis spirit or god that seeks triumph and domination of creation even if that selfishly results in the destruction of that creation. Feel free to use any part of this you like in your campaigns as I consider this text to be open and in the public domain.

 On The Nature of Orcs.

Orcs are the mortal embodiment of twisted souls forced to serve Leviathan. Orcs toil and war at the whim of their overlords and Leviathan itself, they resent this compulsion, and this serves to drive their cruelty for they are stuck in an eternity as slave and soldier only able to gain relief in brief pleasures they can rip from the world while otherwise serving to spread their industry of war for Leviathan.

Orcs and Half-orcs a result of their selfish cruelty and the breeding programs of their wicked masters. Love is meaningless in an existence where all one can do is serve cruel masters so one can be rewarded with higher privelege within that servitude. The lot of orc-brides is unpleasant as those unable to produce vital offspring that can serve will be forced into lower servitude or the larder to feed the host of Leviathan. 

To march to war for Leviathan is Orc. To toil in the service of Leviathan is Orc. To feast on the spoils of war and the output of industry is Orc. All will be consumed by the host of Leviathan and that host is Orc.

The lot of orcs is to serve Leviathan. The industry of orcs is to enable the service of Leviathan. Orcs that do not toil or march to war are consumed to feed the host of Leviathan. Each orc's lot in life is to serve and die. Orcs will prevail as the world is consumed in service to Leviathan. All that is Orc will be known by The Last Orc who will strike down his brother and feed on every last morsel once the host of Levithan has consumed the remainder of creation. The reward for Orc will be the chance for revenege on a corpulent bloated Leviathan swollen on the dripping fat and blood of creation. Orc will feed on Leviathan and be all that ever was. Orc will be Orc. All Will be Orc.


Some ask on the nature of Orc souls and their place in the afterlife, those asking forget orcs already exist within an afterlife having been consigned to their lot in service of Leviathan due to the nature of their souls. 

Some say Orcs war endlessly in Hell to be flung back to the mortal world to war here, others say their goal is to turn all of creation into that part of Hell. None can deny that those found unworthy by the host of Leviathan are consumed and this surely happens on the battlefields of Hell as it does here in the mortal world. The soul of each Orc once thrust back into the world is in service to Leviathan for they are Orcs and that is the nature of the body and soul of Orc.

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