Thursday, March 9, 2023

D&D PC Kits done right in the forgottern edition.

I think Dragonfist did kits right.  The kits weren't just a package of over-powered crunch but actually provided the tools to fit the character in to the campaign. 

Each PC had to select a kit and this really was necessary because it is what fit the character into the axction.  Fighters (for example) had 3 kits available: The Righteous Fists, The Red Tigers, and The Heavenly Gates each of which provides a place in the campaign, a little history, an organization, a handful of mechanical benefits and a hinderance.

The Righteous Fists are Fighters with a STR and WIs of at least 9, and they like to punch and kick things gaining weapon specialization in unarmed combat and when they are using an Acrobatic Stunt their AC gains twice the bonus it normally would. The Righteous Fists are led by Grandmaster Fei Gan and a select group of masters from the safety of the Jade Mountain Monastery. Couriers for the organization only travel by night carrying messages to the dispersed network of masters to continue their fight against the emperor.  There you go a network of contacts, an allegiance, and a possibility of adventures all together in the kit. 

The Red Tigers are focused on Sword fighting and these once rivals of The Righteous Fists now have some common ground against the emperor. The Heavenly Gates are philosophical archers that seek enlightenment and refuse the emperor as their founder did.

So Punching guy, Hacking Guy, and Shooting Guy with decent historical backgrounds and organizations that help a DM come up with adventures as the organizations the PCs are part of attemopt to fulfil their missions and struggle against the emperor.

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  1. Sorry that this comment is a bit late. I have been reading your posts, just a bit busy lately. Looking forward to more of your thoughts on Dragon Fist.

    And obviously, I agree with you about this. DF is one of the reasons I've constantly been experimenting with kits or subclasses in my BX/BECMI house rules. The kits in DF are great world building, give interesting mechanical choices, and add flavor/role distinction to the classes, without going overboard.