Friday, March 3, 2023

Firing-Arc chart... pew pew pew.

A planner/reference graphic for a game project involving spacecraft on a hexgrid.  Not a complete official illustration just a knocked-out sample for my own reference.

Got to work on the descriptive text. These aren't even as pretty as the paint file above.

Firing ARCs.

A- Straight ahead, 1 hex path

B- straight ahead ,  hex forward and then 3 hex path afterward.

C- straight aheas 3 hed wide path.

D- 3 hex arc fron center.

E- 5 hex arc from center

F- all hexes excluding straight backward from center.

G- all hexes.


  1. That is a cool grid! In a unrelated note, I am big into Ancestry. I found your character sheet for Basic Fantasy. Would love to find out if we are related through the same Jarvis branch. Thanks. - Jesse Jarvis

    1. Glad you liked it. I have relations all over the country so we could be related.

    2. Awesome! I'm from the Muhlenburg,KY line. Our branch relocated to TX in the late 1800's. If you are familiar with those I would love to exchange notes. I know some of the oldest records say that our group was first settled in NC, while there was a northern branch that didn't seem connected to us in the New England states.

    3. Well we have some Texas and Kentucky relations. I'll go digging when I get the chance and see if any settled in those parts.