Thursday, November 5, 2009

Civilization Among the Ruins

There are a couple bastions of "civilization" in the MutantBox I'm brewing.

FreshPond and Lookout Hill- A Small Township composed of two villages, the agrarian village that rests mostly along the western side of Fresh pond and the remainder on the nearby fortification of Lookout Hill.
Fresh Pond is mostly Agrarian with communal and individual farm plots spreading about the pond and towards the Merry Gloom River. People tend to live clusterd in the village proper with only those farm plots nearest to the center of the territory occupied at night in small farmhouses.
Look Out Hill is at it's core an ancient structure that has been reinforced, expanded and fortified over the years. The population of Lookout Hill serves as the local militia as of late with members drawn from among the general population of Fresh Pond with about 100 militia composed of a handful of officers and lifers but mostly 4-year men who serve before gaining the right to farm nearby. Lookout Hill provides a good view of all the farms of Fresh Pond and notable incursions can be quickly spotted and reacted to; the fortification also provides a goodly view of The Cinders, The Shells and the somewhat ominous towers of 175 street.
Current rule is by "The Coop" a Cooperative of established elder farmers and three senior officers from Lookout Hill.
population: 1,200 mixed (30% Pure Human, 50% Mutant Human, 20% Mutant Animal)
goods: food,cloth, some alcohol, beasts of burden and leather goods

Spillside- Once a growing concern this center of rubble scavengers and chemical distillers has shrunk in recent years due to incompetent leadership and rampant crime. The community still holds together by inertia waiting to utterly fail or for new leadership to guide it along a new path.
Current rule is divided among merchants and gangs, no one has dared to call themselves mayor for 3 or 4 years.
Population: 500 mixed (mostly Mutant Human with a few resident Mutant Plants)
Goods: Alcohol, Black Powder, Junk and numerous Chemicals.

Bay Town- Nestled among the half sunken ancient structures of Black Bay is this growing religious community permits outsiders to travel and fish in the waters but not to go treasure hunting above or below the waves in it's territory. The Sea Temple is run by approximately 40 priests known as The Acolytes. Androids, cyborgs and Robots are "deactivated" and stored beneath the waves.
Current rule is divided between The Commodore and The Acolytes.
Population: 800 (40% pure human , 55% mutant human, 5% mutant animals)
Goods: Salvaged metals (seldom irradiated), newly forged weapons and armor, seafood, pearls and the best boats in the area.

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  1. I hope you keep posting more about your MutantBox (nice word coinage, by the way), I enjoy reading what other people are doing with Mutant Future. One of my players has an Android character who tried to conceal his robotic nature for quite a while because he was concerned about being deactivated and sold as scrap metal. Any robot players you have will be similarly scared of Bay Town, I am sure.