Tuesday, November 10, 2009

PCs for the MutantBox

Tonight we put our regular D&D game on hiatus and rolled up characters for the MutantBox.

A quick overview of the characters (I'm sure I missed something):

A 17' foot long wolverine (thanks to giantism) with weather manipulation
A Basic Android that is obviously a mechanical man with thermal vision, night vision and optic emissions (radiation)
A bipedal albino wolf with a force field, increased balance, planar shift and ancestral form.
A bipedal bear with pain sensitivity, phantasm generation, kinetic resistance, negative empathy and a toxic gas weapon.
A Mastermind with light manipulation,damage reflection, phantasmal damage

I've started everyone poor with 3d6+18 U.P. (I'm using my alternate wasteland coinage)
We are using a slightly expanded price list that incorporates some of the extra equipment and weapons I've posted here on this blog.

We have two other players joining us who haven't rolled up characters yet.

I gave the players a look at the sketched map and explained a couple of the features to them.
We'll be starting in Fresh Pond.

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