Wednesday, November 25, 2009

First session in the Mutant Box

We had our first session in my MutantBox campaign last night. It was fun.
The Characters:

Fluffy- A 17' long mutant wolverine. Weather Control, Increased Balance, Gigantism
Carhoo- A bearman. Negative Empathy, Phantasmal Damage, Accumulated Resistance (kinetic),Ancestral Form, Toxic weapon (Gas cloud), Phantasm Generation
Bay Aluminum- Basic android, combat model, look droidish. Night Vision, Thermal Vision, Optic Emissions (gamma eyes)
Enkay- female mutant human, Bizzare Appearance (glows, even in daylight), Intellectual Affinity (Tinkerer), Increased physical Attribute(Dexterity)
Craniax- Mastermind. Pain Sensitivity, Quick mind, Control Light Waves, Damage Turning
Gevin- wolfman. Forcs Screen(greater), Plane shift, Ancestral Form, Increased Balance.

I decided to pass on using the hex map and simply use the rough sketch-map instead, it has more character.

The players started with a simple goal, scrape up enough loot to get themselves some armor, Fluffy needs some barding.

They left Freshpond quickly leaving the safety provided by Lookout Hill to travel along the southwest border of The Cinders before they were inevitably drawn to the lure of 175th street.
They discovered the northern route into 175th st was mountains of debris, ancient garbage and useless junk. In the maze of junk they were jumped by a rabid wolf-rat (no one got contaminated) and were ambushed by a potential ally. They managed to claim a damaged laser, two sensor device, an energy grenade and an auto-grapnel after the ambush.

Moving down into 175th st past the mountains of garbage they discovered 175th st to be everything they were told a spooky surprisingly intact stretch of city that was less and less battered as they traveled in towards it's center. They were walking down the mostly clean and broad avenue when they came across a line of old worn sneakers in a crosswalk just laying there as if people had been wearing them walking across the street. Bay Aluminum spotted a sniper looking at the party and they fled to a nearby alley and began to sneak towards the sniper, a while afterward they heard a scream.
Investigating the scream the party found a lair of blood sucking mutants dwelling in the lobby of an ancient hospital. The party took a slight beating against the blood suckers and their pets but the fight was quick. They gathered up the blood suckers feeble loot and are getting ready to explore the hospital.The grenade was used by Craniax to save him from a flock of red roosters but the party found some coin and a couple of medical devices as reward.

I incorporated two dangerous encounters from The Savage After World
I'll leave them up to folks to search out and read there if they wish as I don't want to give more away then I may have above for those fun and enjoyable encounters.

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