Saturday, February 20, 2010

Door Legend

I'm always working on sets of symbols for my dungeon floor-plans, I've got sheets full of symbols for different genres, styles and scales.

Here for my gentle readers and fellow DMs out there is a comprehensive legend of dungeon doors.

THE OCD Dungeon Doors Legend.

Putting more info on the map is something I strive to do, hopefully there might be some utility to this table. I know it's not the last one I'll ever produce and this set will likely only look good for grids ruled between 3 to the inch and 6 to the inch as far as I currently tell. The legend certainly looks better if you open it in it's own window or download it.


  1. Wow! That's pretty danged exhaustive!

  2. That's excellent - a very handy resource. It reminds me of the tables in the AD&D DMG - but in a graphical form. :)

    I have circles for doors on my latest map... ;)

  3. I can't see using these symbols on anything less than 4-to-the-inch, with each square being 5'. Not a criticism, mind you. I really prefer to have this sort of information on the map, rather than in the related notes. It's just that the symbols are information-rich, so i'd want them to be clear to the reader.

    Consider this yoinked, with thanks!

  4. You forgot the symbol for a door rigged to drop a bucket of water (or something really nasty) on someone's head as they enter. LOL

  5. Something else for my players to ponder when they sneek glimpses of my maps...

    "Why do all the doors look different?"



  6. Argh! I wanted to make a one-way secret door with a peephole! My dreams are shattered, they are shattered!


  7. 1d30, just move an arrow over or leave out the line for the arrow. :-)

  8. A transom is a space above a door that allows light, smoke, heat and sound to pass through without having to open the door.