Thursday, February 4, 2010

Proud to Roll A d10,000

Not much of a "joiner" but I just couldn't help myself, I'm proud to have joined the mystical order of the d10,000.

What the heck is the order of the d10,000?

Thanks Daddy Grognard. Thanks G. Benedicto.

So what can you use a d10,000 for anyway? Whatever you want.

Chuck Norris doesn't roll a little old d100 when he can reach into his dice bag (made from some of his own skin by the way) and rolls a d10,000 instead. You gonna stop him?

(it also turns out there is also a d1000000 out there, maybe I'll write my ultimate space combat rules someday, of course I could also break out seven d20's labeled 0-9 twice and roll a truely awesome d10,000,000)

one last note: I just typed eiglophian correctly three times in a row; an amazing act since I usually feel I have to edit each line I type three or four times (and on re-reading I always spot something wrong after I post). Three times you ask, I only see it once here? I didn't say I was typing it all three times in this blog.


  1. "I just typed eiglophian correctly three times in a row..."

    Not an easy feat!

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  3. The linked blog is defunct :-(
    Do you have the post archived anywhere?

    1. I think it may have been defunct for a good long time. Still have the D10,000 pic/linkie up but I fear it goes nowhere.

    2. So it passes into Fable & Legend, perhaps to inspire digital archaeologists 10 generations hence.