Tuesday, February 2, 2010

MutantBox Game Play 5

The Flatulent Desperadoes exited Spillside with haste after the mega-chilling at the bar. They quickly evaded a gang of canines on their train of Jackalopes and headed into the twists.
Their second day in the twists and the party runs into a mutant human being chased by a couple of Mants, they help the mutant and he joins the party.
The next night the Bay Aluminum notices a gamma Wyrm sneaking up on camp (they have a number of tasty jackalopes), battle is joined. Craniax whips up a little invisibility for himself and saves his Spidery from the Gamma Wyrm onslaught. The new mutant has a killing sphere mutation so he and Bay take on the Gamma Wyrm head on. To their dismay Bay Aluminum's radiation blasts cause no damage to the beast but the mutation does function. They are killed by it's acid breath before it is put down by Karhoo with a crossbow bolt.
When morning rolled around a patch of the Wyrms skin is harvested before giant rats arrive and start devouring the corpse.
The party found a pair of scavengers (an Android and a Mastermind) camped out on the edge of the twists within sight of the Dome ( a huge metallic golden dome). The two scavengers let the pay join them in their camp after some difficulties. When morning arrives the two decide to join The Flatulent Desperadoes and travel to the ruins rumored to sit in the center of the Tar Pit.
The party spotted but avoided a band of Leapers before trying to cross the Last Bridge instead of risking the chance of bumping into the Gargantuan Goliaths that hunt the Dry River. A minor fortified fence blocks the way across the bridge and the toll is way to high so the party assaults the barrier. The combined forced of a standard Goliath, a pack of Kamata and 4 Medusiods prove to be difficult for the party; land mines and an electrified barrier didn't' make it any easier for the party.
Karhoo tried to use his gas attack to whip out the guards (a Goliath a Medusiod and 3 Kamata) but wasn't' able to slay all of them in one blast. The party eventually killed the Goliath and 3 Kamata and launched an assault on the gate before retreating the onslaught of a larger pack of Kamata and the Medusoids.
When play stopped for the night we ended on a cliff hanger: The new Mastermind was climbing up a bridge cable trying to avoid a trio of Kamata hoping desperately the beast aren't bright enough to realize he is climbing a metal cable, Bobo is running off being harried by a pair of Kamata and Craniax is rushing to the side of Karhoo who has been poisoned by the Medusiods while the new android party member flies overhead on his mechanical wings trying to fire on the enemies below.


The players all sort of dummy slapped themselves at one point when they realized their jackalopes could have bound over the barrier with ease, Craniax and his Spidery could have climbed over the side of the bridge and the flying android could have most certainly crossed without incident.
So 2 PC Deaths tonight, 5 so far in the game and 1 or 2 close to occurring as well.
I must admit I'm glad the new mutant with the killing sphere died so quickly a double whammy of killing sphere and toxic gas would have ravaged many encounters.


  1. Awesome game! I can see the lethality level is not letting up, with more character deaths. Looking forward to hearing more.