Thursday, July 15, 2010

Horrors of Radiation in a Gritty Mutant Future

Here are more severe and gritty rules for radiation hazards in the Mutant Future

Life-time Radiation Exposure
Radiation can have horrible effects on the living. For this variant we'll be keeping track of total damage suffered from failed save vs radiation for the life of the character to ape the continued dangers one faces from radiation exposure in reality. When one suffers enough damage to bump them up on this table they automatically suffer the effect of this stage of radiation exposure. Each time they take radiation damage on a failed save but don't move up in severity in exposure the victim is allowed an additional save vs radiation to avoid suffering the effects of that stage again (this roll doesn't count towards daily loss to check for mutational damage)

Total Radiation Damage
Suffered From Failed Saves.
50 or effect
51-100.................Fatigue and nausea. -2 to actions for 1d4 days
101-200...............Sickened, -4 to action and half move for 1d6+1 days*
201-400...............Sickened for 2d6 days and Permanent 1 point CON loss if save vs death fails
401-1000............ Sickened for 3d6 days and Permanent loss of 1 CON and 1 STR if save vs death fails
1001+.................. Sickened for 3d6 weeks, Permanent loss of 1 from all attributes if save vs death fails

* Check for infection based on amount of damage caused by exposure as per serious

Mutations and Mutational Damage.

In a gritty Mutant Future campaign the ravages of continued radiation exposure are likely to cause calamitous damage in those that suffer the ravages of radiation.

If a character fails multiple (usually 5) saving throws versus radiation in one day, the character receives one new random mutation. Do not count rolls to check against the lifetime levels as mentioned above only the new exposure roll.

Mutational Damage Table (roll 1d20)
1-2. Bizzarre Appearance, caused by horrible tumors and sloughing tissues.
3. Epidermal Susceptibility
4. Frailty
5-6. Hemophilia
7. Pain Insensitivity
8 .Pain Sensitivity
9. Pituitary Deformation
10. Poison Susceptibility
11-12. Reduced Immune System
13. Reduced Oxygen Efficiency
14. Sensory Deficiency
15. Vision Impairment
16-18 roll on normal physical mutations table**
19-20 roll on normal mental mutations table.**

**Normal Humans can't receive these effects from normal radiation.

With thses variants there is a tiny bit of additional paperwork and radiation damage is more likely to result in horrible results on those exposed. Widespread and intense exposure to radiation will certainly increase overall lethality of a Mutant Future campaign with these variants in play.


  1. Good stuff man, as usual, any plans to compile some of this material into a document?

  2. Dan, I've considered it. With proper formatting, nice tables a few illustrations and some adventures I could probably whip up a good sized document.(48-64 page range)

    Would people be interested in a free no-frills document, a full feature commercial PDF and/or a POD book?

  3. Just speaking for myself I'd like to see either one, it just depends how you want to approach it.