Friday, July 9, 2010

[real life] Highway Purgatory

Just spent a little over 14 hours driving a 11 and a half hour route. We were ahead of schedule looking to get our drive done in 10 hours or less...until we had to cross Pennsylvannia. I must say the Pennsylvannia highway department (or whatever they call it) sucks. They seemed to carefully obstruct traffic every 25 miles by reducing the interstate to one lane for 3 to 7 miles at a time for no apparent reason, bringing traffic to an actual stop almost every time.

Imagine if you were playing a D&D campaign with 10th to 12th level characters and the DM kept dicing up encounters with 1 or 2 kobolds. It was like that except there were no kobolds working on the highway 5 out of the 7 times, just traffic barricades.

Imagine the glee the wife and I experienced each time we found ourselves reading a sign that said "Slow Down Save A Life" as we whipped past at under 2 mph. After the 10th time or so we found ourselves simultaneously giving it the one finger salute.

Now I have a good idea of what an unpleasant but not too exciting part of the afterlife could look like.

Did I mention my wife told me "Pennsylvannia sucks" before we started our drive? Well, she was right and I had previously thought the state was fine and it was just Philidelphia that sucked.

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