Saturday, July 31, 2010

[Real Life] Happy Birthday to My Baby Boy

My baby boy is 1 year old !

Birthday party, bar-B-Q and bonfire today !


  1. Some folks have Dr. Seuss, I see you have R. A. Salvatore. Kudos and congrats!

  2. Awesome! Great reading in store for him!

  3. Worrying that bonfire comes directly after BBQ. Might one run into the other?

    Can't see any HPL on the shelf there.

  4. The bookshelves behind the boy are some of my wife's collection. HPL,Burroughs,Wells,Niven, Howard and other titles of mine are on the other side of the room.

    The wife brought the boy to the children's section of B&N this week, he stood there gawking at all the books going "WOW, WOW" and picked himself a copy of "Green Eggs and Ham" off the book shelf and ran down the aisle with it in hand yelling in glee.

    As for the BBQ and Bonfire order of the day, we can't start a bonfire in my town until after 5PM, hopefully folks will be eating 3rd and 4ths by then.

  5. Ah, so that's why he's staring at your shelves with a look of excitement on his face as if saying "Can't wait to learn to read!"

  6. It's not a birthday!

    It's Leveling Up!