Monday, March 7, 2011

Requisitions [NML:MF]

Here's an area I'm considering for No Man's Land : The Mutant Front campaigns that take palce with a fairly intact military structure still in place: Requisitions.


Getting the supplies one needs up on the Mutant Front can be a haphazard affair.
In an ideal setting troops have a limited range of requisition options that are promptly and efficiently fulfilled. The reality of requisition application and receivership can be a chore indeed.

Every service-being on the front gets a fixed monthly allotment of requisition points.

14 rp.....Private
16 rp.....Corporal
24 rp.....Sergeant
30 rp.....2nd Lieutenant
32 rp.....1st Lieutenant
40 rp.....Captain
50 rp......Major
100 rp....Lt. Colonel
150 rp...Colonel
200 rp...Brigadier General

(there are higher ranks but they are seldom seen on the front and well outside the grasp of any rank a PC serviceman is ever likely to achieve)

Requisition Points can be saved but can only be traded up to higher ranked officers. The most Requisiton Points one may have access to is equal to Three times rank + 20% of all assigned subordinates.

To make a requisition one must speak with a Supply Clerk or Supply Officer. 2d6 are rolled. Modifiers are applied as listed below and the requisition is resolved.
If a Supply Clerk or officer can't be directly contancted the request may be passed through the ranks or by post.

Requisition Acquisition Table
2 or less.... Requisition Immediately Available
3-4......Requisition Directly Delivered in 2 days
5-6......Requisition May be picked up at supply depot in 7 days
7......Requisition May be Picked up at Supply deot in 14 days.
8-10....Requisition Denied,points may be retained
11........Requisition Lost, 1/2 points may be retained
12+........Requisition Lost but noted as delivered, points lost.

CHA reaction Adjustment
Private or Corporal Requesting a weapon +3
Sergeant or Lt. Requesting Squad Support Weapon +3
Captain Requesting Heavy weapon +3
Anyone under Captain Rank Requesting a weapon above their rank +5
A 2nd request for a luxury item in a month +2
A 2nd request for ammunition in a month +2
Racial modifiers may be applied
cost 10-49 R.P. +1
cost 50-200 R.P. +2
cost over 200 R.P. +3
Request passed through ranks +1
Request by post +2
Slipping the Supply Clerk a little something extra* -2
Slipping the Supply Officer a little something extra* -3

* this is dangerous as it may be seen as a bribe and that's a serious offense. A roll may be made as if making a Hiring Offer in the standard rules.
A roll of 9-11 results in loss of bribe and rp
A roll of 12 results in arrest.

What does one have to Requisition Anyway?

Ammunition Spent in excess of allotted quantity.
All Ammunition for additional arms
Personal Supplies Consumed
Personal Supplies Lost
Upgrade in munitions and arms.

Cost of Requisitions
This will vary by era but for simplicity sake a R.P. is consider to be equal to 5 SP when referencing the standard rulebook.

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