Friday, March 4, 2011

A few Encounters on the Front [NML:MF}

A Brief encounter table for the unending war.

A Mutant Front Encounter Table

1. Land Mine !
One of the members of the party (chosen at random) has stepped trodden upon a land mine. The Character must make a save vs death or leap into the air scattering their body parts across the immediate area.

2. Abandoned Pigeon Transport Truck. A pigeon transport truck just siting there not doing much (it's former attendants may be dead nearby) everything looks pretty calm and boring except for the carrier pigeons which have been mutated by contaminants so they are now capable of emitting laser beams from their eyes.

3. A Single Can of Bully Beef. Sitting out in the open with an honest to goodness fork is a can of Bully Beef. 50% chance of something wandering by to fetch it's can of bully beef in the next 20 minutes.

4. Shattered Lighting Cannon Tower. Mucking about in the debris has a 10% chance of finding a value one treasure and a 40% chance of accidentally discharging a Tesla-coil-battery 10d6 damage to all in tower rubble.

5. A Lost Patrol. Scattered about the ground are 7-12 soldiers clearly killed by a gas attack sometime in the past 2 or 3 days. Scavenging the remains will expose scavengers to intensity 8 contamination per round of looting. Equipment looted will continue to be dangerous Exposing bearers to intensity 8 contamination each 12 hours for another 2-7 days.

6. Hold up chaps, we've wandered into a minefield. The party has gotten itself 20 - 120 feet into a minefield (2-5 times larger) without anyone being harmed, surely their luck will not hold out.

7-10. Standard encounter for terrain type. roll on appropriate chart.

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