Friday, March 11, 2011

More on Peddlers

A few extra bits and notes for Peddlers of the Deep Dark.

Peddler Level
1-3 Commoner
4-6 Thief Level 1-6
7 Fighter Level 1-6
8 Magic-User level 1-4
9 Cleric Level 1-4
10 Ex-Cleric Level 1-12
11 Ex-Paladin Level 1-12
12 Bard level 1-8

Peddler Stash
A peddler may (3 in 6 chance) have a stash of goods within 0-7 days of where encountered. 1d8 -1, if 0 it's within an hour or two of current location.

There will be 2-12 goods rolls in a peddlers stash along with coins of equal value.

A peddler will be loathe to reveal the location of a stash nut will use them to ransom himself if needed.

Where is Peddler Stash?
1 In an old well
2 In a functioning warehouse
3 In an abandoned cottage.
4 hollow tree/log
5 Buried
6 In a cave
7 In an old tomb
8 With friendly priests at a small temple.

What guards stash? (1-5: 1 roll, 6: 2 rolls)
1-3 Nothing
4 Locals (1-2: 1 guard, 3-4: a pair of locals warning off strangers, 5-6; the walls have eyes)
5-7 Guard Dogs (2-4 guards dogs, could be other animals)
8-9 Tethered Zombies (1-4 zombies)
10 A minor Demon
11 A needle Trap
12 A Pit Trap
13 A man-trap
14 Hidden/Buried
15 Invisible
16 Illusion
17 A nearby monster (roll as appropriate for area)
18-20 Guardsmen (roll 1-4 guards of Peddler guard table)

1-2 none, aside from already established stashes
3 50g.p. - hidden ins stash
4 100 g.p.- held by ally
5 200 g.p. - held by ally
6 500 g.p. - hidden in stash

Elaborations and notes from original Table:

A Goblin-Man is a half-breed typically of a huam and a goblin/orc/hobgoblin which otherwise lacks any significant stats most of the time (half-orc stats could be used occasionally). they are generally considered untrustworthy and outsiders.

Black-Halflings are mysterious wanderers and scoundrels that don't fit in with the typical calm and pleasant shire villages of halflings.

Dungeon Donkeys are ordinary donkeys used to dungeon environs.

Albino Cave-Bronts are dwarf-sized albino brotosaurs. Typally 4 HD with no significant attacks and a movement rate just a little quicker then a man when not heavily loaded.

Grats- are creepy rodents that look like a bat without functioning wings. Typically 2 HD and a bite attack for 1-3 if pressed into a fight.

Cave SLoths- large lumbering sloths, they move slowly but are hard to spok and tough havign 5 HD and a natural AC of 4.

Pack Snails can be found here:

A Lava Lamp is magical vessel holding about a half gallon of glowing lava. I glows in a 20' radius and is warm enough to keep a person conformable in a tiny tent in any but an arctic environment. If hurled at a target it will break and function as a typical burning oil attack.

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