Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Immersive RPGing

We had our weekly game lastnight the party pulled into a new town and it was a session of Shopping-Quest. While shopping for a chest to store some of the party loot within one player asked " Should we go up a cart size?". Yup undead hordes, an army of darkness and a dragon rider ravaging the countryside (a new development) and buying a larger cart or a new wagon is all important...sigh, sometimes I think I'm not doing things right.

meanwhile in real life:
The baby is fine and dandy. My wife's diagnosis is ever evolving and she needs to know I love her and will be there for her regardless of where things go. (I'm hoping she reads this)

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  1. Years ago, in the middle of what I thought was a compelling and enthralling story, the party spent an ENTIRE NIGHTS PLAY shopping and exploring in their first visit to a harbor side city. There was some role playing, and some interesting interactions, but is was all wrapped around shopping. Adventuring equipment, jewelry, arms & armor, magic, sundries, some whoring, you name it - they did it. At the end of the evening I was exasperated and felt it was a failure. On the other hand, the players had a great time and saw nothing wrong with it.

    You are not doing anything wrong. It is much like herding cats.