Friday, February 4, 2011

living in the snowpocalypse

My posting has been a little lower the past several days as like many people in the U.S. I'm dealing with a LOT of snow. Spent 40 minutes before work today standing in snow up to my hips using a flexible 11-12' long stick I've got and dumping snow down on my face (I've got 4-5 more hours of that to go). I've been shoveling the 10' high piles of snow pushed up by the plow from one spot to another to make more room for more snow. I've gotten used to the cold; it's 2 F outside and while it's undeniably cold it isn't unpleasant anymore. So snow removal and (painfully slow) work on a NML:Mutant Front project is cutting into my posting and blog reading time. Can't wait till it's warm for a month so I can appreciate my hundreds of feet of driveway again by having nothing to do with it for weeks on end.


  1. My feet are numb just spent a while standing there with my 11'-12' pole dumping snow on my fool head.
    John, you have it worse then me.

    We're getting 6 more inches of snow tommorrow, woo hoo.

  2. Yes. When will this BS melt? If we had an inch or two more snow on Wednesday, I would have been able to call in sick without any qualms. Unfortunately, my sysadmin managed to make it in to work, which requred me to go. Damn him.