Saturday, February 5, 2011

Treachery in Dreamland

Last night I had a two pretty vivid dreams.

The first and longer was a dream that shifted from personal experience to audience. It was a political thriller with two viking realms initially involved in battle but somehow a truce stopped the fighting and there was a great celebration while the kings/nobles tried to hash out terms for an enduring peace. Some element of the opposing side wasn't looking for peace however as they were seperating out the best warriors on the "good-guy" team and murdering them while the massive and noisy celebration raged. It was swirling epic of swordplay, political wrangling and an action thriller. That sucker would be a great RPG adventure.

The second dream...well it wasn't so inspiring for adventures in RPG land: I was a camera man for RENO-911 as if it were legit.

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