Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why's The Bad Stuff Always Happening to Us?

I've had players ask: "Why's The Bad Stuff Always Happening to Us?"

My simple answer is: for the same reason they don't make Indianna Jones Movies about the semesters where he teaches a course or is on a expedition where there are no Nazis, Cannibals, Evil Cultists or Ancient Astronauts.

The more complicated answer is because the PCs the players are playing are often freak-show murderous misanthropic sociopath kleptomaniac outsiders and the universe reacts to them appropriately. What sort of good things happen to A Dwarven Berserker, Half-Elf Thug, Cowardly Archer, Degenerate Warlock with dragon motiff garb sporting a Ming-The-Merciless Do and a Mean as Heck Woodsman who meet at the local pub and decide to go rob a few tombs or kill a few orcs for coin?


  1. To answer that last sentence . . . very good things, like pie and cookies. :)

    - Ark

  2. Indiana Jones and the Timetable of Terror...hmmm, okay, point taken.

  3. True, true. It will all end in blood, most likely.

  4. You'd think that after one look at their party, they'd stop asking why they always seem to find trouble.

    Like you said, what do they expect? They only go everywhere in a 8-man group, armed to the teeth, shaking people down and robbing somebody's grandfather's tomb because they heard a few spare coins jingle down there.

  5. "Why does bad stuff happen to you? It's because you're pretty. So damn pretty. No one loves the prom queen, princess."

    At least that's what I told a PC once. He laughed, but then pointed to his 10 Charisma. I explained that perhaps he was pretty in a Picasso sense.

  6. Q: Why do bad things happen to wandering packs of serial-killing grave-robbing hoboes?
    A: Because it amuses us. :)

    ... we are bad people. :(

  7. "Pride goes before destruction and
    Anger before a fall"