Monday, February 14, 2011

Party Survived the Campaign Didn't

[SPOILERS, vaguely, sorta]

My regular party has been playing through Death Frost Doom lately. They managed to escape the dungeon and down the mountain with only one of their members tumbling to his doom on his steed in the snowy night racing down the mountainside trailing a legion of the dead behind them.

Being the total bastards that they are they decided to lead the horde to the castle (and small town outside it's walls) of a lord they didn't much care about before escaping to more peaceful climes. One of the players was shocked he thought they were trying to lead the horde away from civilization but he was perfectly willing to hop on the riverboat and flaot away while the dead first hit the edge of the town.

So the player with the most deaths, usually because of simply horrible luck but also the occasional bad decision lost another PC and the campaign area was most certainly nuked by undead. It worked almost exactly as I wished it would. I'd gone wrong somewhere in presenting the campaign settign to the players so a good scrubbing of apocalyptic doom and a moving to somewhere else to adventure gives me a chance to "get it right". My sandbox definitely needs some fresh sand.

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