Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Combat Rules From The Game I Never Finished

Since Timeshadows asked here are the combat rules from the game I never finished.

Damage is reduced from VIG. VIG reduced to 3 or less requires a 1d VIG check to stay conscious.
(Talent: Mind Over Body: character stays conscious on a 3d EGO check)

Damage Bonus and Vigor
VIG score Damage bonus
10 or less...0
and so on.

(Talent: Precise Strike(2)- gain a bonus calculated using CNG to all attack damage)
(Talent: Crimson Aura(2)- gain a bonus calculated using MAG to all melee damage)
(Talent: Overwhelming Ego(2)- gain a bonus calculated using EGO to all melee damage)

melee attacks: 4d6 vs VIG with a non-proficient weapon. Roll VIG or less to hit.
shields require attacker to roll +1d vs attacks from front or shielded flank(not both unless proficient or better in shield)

melee attack with two weapons: 5d6 primary hand, 6d6 secondary hand.

ranged attacks: 5d6 vs CNG with a non-proficient weapon
(Talent: Power Toss(2): roll vs VIG for thrown weapons)
+1d if target moved over 5
+2d if target moved over 10
+1d if target at medium range
+2d if target at long range
+1d if snapshot
+1d for partial light cover
+2d for 3/4 light cover
+4d for full light cover
+2d for partial heavy cover
+4d for 3/4 heavy cover
+6d for full heavy cover (some weapons may not penetrate)

moving and attacking: move less then 1/2Mv then +1d. 1/2 mv or greater +2d.

dodging attacks: 2d or more rolled against CNG.
(Talent: Agility :may roll vs VIG to dodge at +1d instead)
(Talent: Guardian Spirit: May roll vs MAG at +1d instead)
(Talent: Fated Doom: may roll vs EGO at +1d instead)

Weapon skills
start out at proficient and go up from there. A separate talent is required for each hand with 1H weapons. Benefits for each degree of weapon skill replace previous benefits.
Proficient with a weapon may roll 1d less when attacking. depending on weapon a CNG of 6-11 is required.
Expert(2) with a weapon may roll 2d less when attacking and is +1 to dmg
depending on weapon a CNG of 8-14 is required (p.r. Proficient)
Master(2) with a weapon may roll 3d less when attacking and is +3 to dmg., nonmasters must roll 2d extra when attacking you with same weapon.
depending on weapon a CNG of 12-18 is required. (p.r. Master)

Shield Skills
Proficient with a shield may make attacks with it as if armed with two weapons and force foes to attack at +1d vs attack to front and shielded flank
Expert with a shield force foes to attack at +2d
Master with a shield force a foe to attack at +3d. may attack with shield at no penalty to main attack.

Parry(2)- each 2 dice added to own attack is applied as 1d penalty to foes attack. Must have weapon in hand. max penalty 3d.
Uncanny Reflexes(3)- each 1 die added to own attack is applied as 1d penalty to foes attack. no weapon needed in hand. Shield may be applied vs any attack if expert shield skill. max penalty 6d. (p.r. parry)
Riposte(2)- if armed with a proficient weapon you are allowed a free counter attack against a single foe that misses you in melee with +2d penalty. For every 6 they rolled in the missed attack you are -1d to your counter attack roll. (p.r. parry)

Dual Weapon(2): may attack with a weapon in either hand at 5d. (p.r. CNG 12+)
Two Weapons Master(2): may attack with a weapon in each hand with no penalty to either hand. (p.r. Dual Weapon, CNG 13+)

Combat Mobility (1): may move less then 1/2 speed in combat at no penalty to hit
(p.r. CNG 12+)
Dance of Death(2): may move in combat at no to hit penalty.
(p.r. combat mobility and CNG 14+)

Mounted Combat(2): may melee while mounted at no penalty (otherwise +1d penalty)
Mounted Marksman(2): may make missile weapons while mounted at no penalty while moving under half and only +1 when moving half or more. (otherwise +2d penalty).

Advantage to mounted combat: calculate Damage Bonus by adding 1/2 mounts VIG to attackers STR when armed with lance. 1/4 bonus for other weapons if moving 1/2 or more.

No weapon stats have surfaced as I recall they did from 1d to 3d of damage with modifiers here and there.

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