Sunday, June 26, 2011

3 Magic Shields

Three good reasons to arm your Fighter with a shield (if they are lucky):

Blade-Biting Shield- This +2 shield has an edge with a variety of flanges and odd protuberances. Any attacker with an edged weapon that misses the wielder of this shield must make a save (as against wands) or their weapon is destroyed. Any attacker with a blunt weapon specifically targeting the shield itself will destroy it on a hit die roll of 19 or 20 (no save).

Spike-Throwing Shield- This +1 shield is decorated with up to a score of wicked looking spikes. The bearer of the shield may fire up to 2 of these spikes (by command word) per round as if they were +2 daggers. The spikes disappear after use. A Spike-Throwing shield is seldom found with all it's spikes unused.

Blade-Bouncing Shield- This +1 shield causes any attacker armed with a chopping or cutting weapon that misses an attack agaisnt the wielder of a Blade-Bouncing Shield to make a save (as if vs paralysis) or be struck by their own weapon.

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