Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Make Your Own Funky Dice.

So have a game that needs weird dice? That new RPG calling for d7's? You think you really need a d18 even when no game you'd ever seen has one? You can make your won.

I'm fibbing here a little of course, I not going to tell you how to make a d7 or d24 but I know how you can make a "randomizer" for any die type imaginable.

Make a custom game spinner. You can make the whole thing yourself from scratch, find components online, adapt one you "borrow" from a family game or even have one special made from an online service.

There is no excuse at not being able to have any "die" type possible. You can get as funky as you want.


  1. Indeed: :D

  2. @timeshadows I found the same site myself, not sure of how they compare to competition (they do look good) so I didn't put a link in my post.

  3. JDJarvis: They do look nice, don't they? The outermost ring is 1-24.
    --Pretty groovy.

    @APiC: ;)

  4. damn, a spinner sounds like fun! hm, I may have to try out DCC now

  5. Good idea! Thanks for sharing!