Saturday, December 24, 2011

Exploring Ruins

This here blog has been a bit quiet of late as I've been off packing, restoring, and exploring ruins. yup...exploring ruins. The new place had a saw mill on the premises for decades before it burnt down. What remains today are a number of foundation walls accessible down an earthen ramp and a few bits of obscure ancient bits of iron including a wide iron chute that penetrates the foundation descending from somewhere above.


  1. Not so obscure. You have your old silted in mill pond there as the
    swamp in the top photo and then te iron chute is the raceway for driving the mill wheel. If you look close at the foundations you may see the stone journals where the pulley axles were bedded.

  2. @Alan, very observant and pretty good insights but I'm afraid my photo postings have inadvertently provided you with incorrect information. The first picture is to the side and downhill of the chute it couldn't be a mill pond for the chute.
    There is a stream running to the side of the property that may have had a connection to the mill back then but I have yet to find any evidence of that. The old photograph of the works I have is way too murky and blurry to see much.

    A local history book says the mill was a steam operation. The nearby river was seemingly used to transport wood to the mill and what lumber that wasn't used to manufacture barrels, wash basins, and tubs were hauled off by cart to nearby railways for sale elsewhere.

    It's fun living somewhere with a little history and some ruins.