Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Four Bizzarre Radiations

A few more strange radiations to be found on alien landscapes, distant planes or in proximity to reality-warping scientific disasters.

Psychogenic Radiation: This radiation functions as standard radiation but when a being with mental powers fails a save vs this radiation their mental powers become unstable hour an house after a failed save. During this hour any condition of excitement has a 1 in 6 chance of activating a random mental mutation (posed by the victim) to be projected towards the nearest other sentient being. Mental mutations with use limits will function even id the daily use has been expended.

Discomputational Radiation: This radiation has only minimal effect on organic life which react as if it is 4 intensity levels lower and save at +4 vs it. Complex electronics, robots and androids that fail a save vs this radiation have a % chance equal to damage suffered to shut-down for 2-7 hours. If this radiation would kill such a robotic device it shuts- down for 2-12 days and reactivates as an NPC.

Electrostatic Radiation: This radiation is visible and looks like lighting/electricity dancing on the surface of irradiated surfaces and beings. If anyone fails a save vs Electrostatic Radiation they will hurl 1 bolt each turn (at diminishing intensity) in a random direction which may strike another begin or device up to 60' away.
Any android or robot that suffers 1/2 or more it's hp in damage from this radiation will be immobilized until all the Electrostatic Radiation discharges.

Dread Glow: this radiation causes beings it is exposed to to glow vividly. A failed save causes the victim to glow for as many turns as the intensity level of initial exposure. It will be impossible to surprise sighted creatures and the glow is severe enough to cause the victim to have trouble seeing (-2 to all action needing sight)


  1. I'm actually doing something like "Discomputational Radiation" as it applies to the movie Maximum Overdrive....

  2. @Justin, wicked...that's not simply Discomputational Radiation that's Mechanomaniacal Radiation.