Sunday, July 7, 2013

Gods of MOG

Here is a brief roster of the Gods of MOG.

Greater Deities
Emperor of the Dragon Stars- The Primary sky God of MOG
Queen of the Yellow Planet
Master of the Purple Moons
Garum Keeper of the Secrets of Stone- popular with miners,molemen and cyclops
Yvrak the Scream in the Night.- appeased by hunters, amazons, and pygmies, popular with assassins

Lesser Deities
Knights of the Seven SwordsL Urtos, Gwin, Branard, Almont, Dwin, Capros, and Sidard
The Fates- no one worships just one of the spinners of the skeins
Obernoth, the Elf King- generally only worshiped by men interested in magical secrets but offerings are left for him to thwart the attention of malicious faeries.
Brunhiltha, The Valkyrie Matron- very popular with amazons
Blaug, King of Toads and Vermin
Soalaz, Demon Prince of Pain
Das, Demon Lord of Gates
Yalm, The Roots of the Forest- popular with molemen
Vort, The Winter Wind
Abem, Lord of Ancient Lore
Mol, the Blind Seer
Zanatha, She of the Hundred Deaths
Rax, Stomach of the Bear and the Dog- appeased by hunters and pygmies.

Minor Deities
Bhaghates, the Opener of Windows and Doors
J'Haabbis, The Gardener of Wicked Seeds
Carnivorra, She Who Eats the Souls of Man
Morpheon, the Dreaming King
Sattos, The Watcher in the Sky
Xokk, the Guardian of the Black Sun
Braxivos, Warden of the Prison Plane
Whillit, The Secret in the Mirror.

Note: only 2 of the three greater gods are known by name the others are known by title only, they are mighty and powerful entities that seldom converse with mortals.

In my MOG campaign once a Acolyte of Zealot reaches second level the character needs to select a patron deity, no other class is required to do so. Some magical items and mystery altars only function beneficially for those that serve a god or who have recently sacrificed to it.

Greater Deites are a big deal recognized virtually everywhere, there have been few if any sighting in all of history. A greater deity can reshape the world on a whim.
Lesser Deities are less known in all places, they may have been seen on the world in the past few millenniums.
Minor Deities  will not be known to all and many a well versed scholar may know little more then their names. Curiously enough these are the netities most likely to be met by mortals.

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