Monday, July 8, 2013

Revised Potion Brewing

Here are my revised potion brewing rules as they currently exist.

Potion level
A potion level is equal to the level of spell that the potion, powder, salve, or oil duplicates.

Each form of application requires a separate formula. An alchemists that are also a spell caster will learn but one formula upon learning a spell.
A formula will spell out what alchemical apparatus is required for that specific formula.  The formula for a powder  or salve may only require one different apparatus from that required by a traditional potion.
Formulas may be found on scrolls or compiled in manuals. After 3 successful brewing sessions a formula may be considered committed to memory of the alchemist and need not be on hand while brewing,

Any and all spells that require material components require the incorporation of a material component in the recipe of the spell and the expense of that component per dose. Components may be found in some apothecaries.

Special Ingredients
Some recipes will require special ingredients that must be acquired to brew the potion. The special ingredients will not morally be available on the open market and require special actions to gather and employ.

Alchemical Appartus
Each formula makes use of  different alchemical apparatti as mention above and discussed here .

Damaging Apparatus
Each apparatus is at risk every time a potion is brewed. Any botched roll may result in the ruin of each Alchemical Apparatus used. Brewing potions can get expensive.
The save bonus is  the materiel number added to a d20 roll against a target no of 15+ potion level.
A damaged apparatus is rendered unusable but not necessarily destroyed. 

Damage to Alchemical Apparatus
1. absolutely destroyed, nothing salagable
2. shattered into pieces.  the pieces may still be of some value but not in alchemy (10-30%)
3. Obvious fracture/pitting- obvious damage to the device makes it clearly unusable
4. Stained- the device is polluted in such a manner it is unusable until properly cleaned, cleaning attempts will take as many hours as the device number multiplied by the material number and a cost of 2% the items value and  will only be successful 50% of the time.
5. Irradiated- the device has collected and will emit low level radiations that render it useless for normal alchemy and a potential hazard to any user.
6. Minute Flaw- the device is rendered useless but only the skilled can tell that the hairline fracture or microscopic pitting have ruined the device.

Time to Brew a Potion
It takes one week (minimum) per potion level to brew a potion. the brewing process requires twic daily attention of a skilled alchemist.

Additional Cost
Each potion requires fluids, bases, acids, and fuels which are available in some market towns and certainly so in larger cities; special ingredients may also be required.
 Cost = level of potion x 20 in sliver shekels. (buying power of 10-30gp in regular dnd)

The Brewing Roll
Each week a potion is being brewed a d6 is rolled per skill rank of master alchemist and apprentice.
All successful rolls of 1-3 (plus INT task modifier) are tallied and the final score determines success and quantity brewed.
If three or more 6's are rolled in a single week the potion has been botched and disaster has resulted.
All aparatus used are exposed to potential damage (see above) and all present are potentially harmed.

Alchemical Brewing Disaster.
1. Noxious Fumes,  1d6 damage per spell level, save vs poison for 1/2 damage. Lingers for 10-20 minutes.
2. Acidic Cloud- 1d6 damage per level, save vs dragon breath at -4 for 1/2 damage. Lingers for 2-7 rounds.
3. Fire- 1d6 damage per level, save vs dragon breath for 1/2 damage, % chance of damage that area is set aflame.
4-5. Explosion. 1d6 per damage per level to all within 40'. Save for 1/2 damage.
6.  Radiation. 1d6 damage per level of potion, no save unless special protection available. Radiation lingers in area (lab or 30; radius) for 1 month per spell level requiring anyone who spends a day in the area to save or take half the dice originally suffered.

Alchemical disasters 2-5 require any formula scrolls or manuals present to save vs the initial incident or each round.

Success and doses produced.
A dose of a potion is successfully brewed per 5 points of successful rolls.
A dose of a salve is successfully produced per 6 points of successful rolls
A dose of oil or powder is successfully produced per 7 points of  successful rolls,
A pill is produced per 8 points of successful rolls.

Difference is applications.
A potion can only be imbibed by conscious being.
A salve takes 2 rounds to apply to a being.
A powder will effect all in a 5' radius per 3 levels. If save allowed save is at +2 vs the powder.
An oil will effect target of direct hit or application, there is a chance for partial effect to those adjacent who can be splashed. Oils can also be applied to weapons and other objects.

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