Sunday, July 7, 2013

Alchemical Apparatus

The following are the tables I'm using for my current campaign to determine what alchemical apparatus is needed in brewing potions, powders, and oils.

Each alchemical process will require the use of multiple specially prepared Alchemcial Apparati. Roll 2 times plus once per potion level on the two following tables.

1.  Earthen Ware
2.  Stone
3.  Ceramic
4.  Copper
5.  Brass
6.  Glass
7.  Steel
8.  Crystal
9.  Bone
10. Ivory
11. Silver
12. Hepatizon
13. Cobalt
14. Platinum
15. Lapis
16. Titanium
17. Galvrin
18. Aerthril
19. Orichalcum
20. Adamant

1.  Rod
2.  Plate
3.  Dish
4.  Spoon
5.  Bowl
6,  Mortar
7.  Funnel
8.  Phial
9.  Pelican
10. Athanor
11. Alembic
12. Beaked Alembic
13. Vaporizer
14. Immersor
15. Cemantato
16. Cumbistor
17. Reverbirator
18. Extractor
19. Sublimator
20. Circulator

In addition to the number of rolls the level of the potion being brewed may also impact dice rolls used to determine an apparatus. I'm going with this for my MOG campaign Level 1-3: d12s on each chart,  level 4-6: 1d20s for first apparatus and 1d16s for the remainder, 7+ roll d20's for each apparatus.

Pricing of Components
I'm going with the material number squared multiplied by the device number.
ex: Copper Bowl is material number 4 and device number 5 so that's (4x4) x 5 = 80 silver shekels on MOG, depending on your campaign that could easily be GP instead.
On MOG the prices for Alchemical Apparatus will vary from 1 silver shekel to 8,000 silver shekels for one apparatus.

Additional Cost
Each potion requires fluids, bases, acids, and fuels which are available in some market towns and certainly so in larger cities; special ingredients may also be required but these should be tied closely to campaign and spell.
Cost = level of potion x 20 (silver shekels on MOG)

Damaging Apparatus
Each apparatus is at risk every time a potion is brewed. Any botched roll may result in destruction of each Alchemical Apparatus used. Brewing potions can get expensive.
I'm going with a save bonus tied to the materiel number against a target no of 15+ potion level. It's quick and abstract and alchemical glass isn't really stronger then stone it's just less likely to be ruined by a host of alchemical mishaps that would render baser materials useless.

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