Thursday, June 4, 2015

Table of Wandering Damage and Doom

There is a 1% chance per game session of having to inflict the Table of Wandering Damage and Doom on the PC party.

A strange orange mist billows forth from fissures in the ground quickly coalescing into a thick cloud, those caught within will be painfully transformed into inhuman monsters. The transformation will inflict 1d6 damage per round and the victim is allow d save vs death each round on a sicceful save the transformation is completed and the change stops.  The change will remain until the rays of the first dawn strike a victim and stray pieces will fall off an quickly rot away. Those killed are stuck in the strange forms which can only be restored to normal by use of magics able to cure disease, remove poison, and heal damage suffered during the transformation.
A wizard whips past on a flying-carpet at very high speed. Dodge assid eor suffer 3d6 damage. (on triple the carpet crashes leaving the PCs with a very unhappy wizard to deal with).
4d6 Hyperactive plague zombies come running this way. Don’t get bit or you’ll become one in 1d4 rounds.
A meteor drops on someone’s head for1d100 damage.
The finger of God (or a god) reaches down from the heavens to squish someone in the party like a bug…
A droplet of greenslime seems to have gotten into a waterskin…
20d100  tiny metal eating “locusts” coming this way at a speed of 90 feet a round. they will consume all iron in their path (in 2-5 rounds after contact) and tear through containers to get at it
One of the wounds a character hasn’t treated properly has gone septic, today it will be bright read and itchy, tomorrow it will swell and start dripping puss, the character will lose 1-3 pts of CON each day on the 2nd and following days until it is cured to they die.
(Not recommended to be taken seriously)


  1. Always loved that old April Fool's issue of Dragon Magazine which had a similar wandering damage, but it was more like just by hit point damage, not so much a story. You have some great ideas in that table.

  2. "Cut yourself shaving. Roll on the Limbs Severed table."

  3. Beware of splinters in the privvy, they might have too many HD.

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