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Grotty Kit and Arms

In a Grotty Age things have been used, reused, and abused a multitude of times and it shows in the quality of good traders peddle and daring bravos and lowly churls have one hand. The quality of a characterless equipment is of dire concern in a campaign that takes place in a Grotty age.

Grotty Equipment Quality

Damage Check
-1 to use, hit, and damage
Auto-Break on 1 and 20
Auto-Break on 1
Save vs Downgrade on a 20
Save vs Break on 1
Save vs wear on 20
Save vs Downgrade on 1
Save vs Wear on 20
+1 to use, and +1 to hit or damage (no both)
Save vs Downgrade on 1
+1 to use, hit and damage (non-magical)
Save vs wear on 1
Modifiers: apply to normal use of the item. Armor class will not be lowered or improved by the general quality of the armor in question.  Note: some GMs may apply a modifier to reflexes/dodging based on this modifier.
Damage Check: when to check for wear and tear on an time when used.
Save: The saving throw of the item
Integrity: the minimum damage an time must suffer if a check for wear and tear is to be made.


Auto-Break: it’s broken no saving throw required.
Save vs Break: make a save (using the times saving throw chance) or the item breaks
Save vs Downgrade: make a save (using the items saving throw chance) or the item downgrades to the next lower quality. (record current quality but don't remove notation of original quality immediately)
Save vs Wear: make a save (using the items saving throw chance) or the item suffers a degree of wear.

Degrees of Wear
Marred:  -1 to use, saves, hit , damage, and AC as applicable
Worn:  -2 to use, saves, hit , damage, and AC as applicable
Battered: -3  to use, saves, hit , damage, and AC as applicable

Equipment Damage

Weapon Wear and Tear
Weapons may be damaged when exposed to the rigors of combat. The attack roll of the character wielding the weapon in hand is the die consulted to determine if a weapon is damaged in normal conditions.
Sir Mortimer is armed with a shonky sword he hits a grue with an attack roll of 20 unfortunately for him this means a saving throw is required and alas a 7 is rolled for the save causing his weapon to become downgraded in quality.
On the third round of combat Sir Mortimer gets a 1 on his attack roll causing his (now) Duff Sword to break.

If a weapon breaks while otherwise successfully striking a foe damage is still suffered by that foe.

A foe is attacking another foes weapon and score a 20 on their hit roll it exposes the foe to the risk of their weapons wear and tear. Ones own weapon is not harmed by a successful saving throw roll of 20 on the d20 but a roll of 1 is of concern.Example:
Sir Mortimer having survived the contest with the Grues above and has himself a new Fit Sword is now Dueling a Crimson Swordsman, that swordsman has the advantage and strikes at Sir Mortimers Sword striking it with a roll of 20 and 12 pints of damage which require Sir Mortimer to save vs wear which is done readily on a roll of 10.
The relentless Crimson Swordsman strikes at Mortimers Blade again this time striking on a roll of 16, for 11 points of damage this begin a successful strike to the weapon Sir Mortimer is allowed a save but alas a 1 is rolled causing Sir Mortimers Fit Sword to Downgrade in quality to Bodge Sword.  (as a 1 was rolled in the save). If Sir Mortimer had simply failed the save there would be a step of wear on the weapon.

Armor Wear and Tear
The first time in any given combat a character suffers damage in excess of their level they must make a save for their armor. The armor will suffer a step of wear if the save fails (unless a 1 is rolled on the save which may cause more serious damage to the armor).

At the end of any combat lasting 5 or more rounds a saving throw is required for all armor unless a combatant somehow managed to go unharmed the entire fight.

If a character is forced to save vs magical or special attacks in a round the armor may be damage by a roll of 1 or 20 as a weapon is in combat.

Certain weapons and tactics allow a combatant to strike a foes armor or shield to damage it, treat the armor as a weapon begin struck in such a situation.

Boot and shoes require a check be made each day of travel. Make a d20 roll on a 1 or a 20 consult the chart above to determine if additional rolls are required.
Clothing normally requires a check be made each week unless exposed to extra hazards.

Worn clothing may impact a characters Charisma equal to the use penalty fo r the wear an tear.

optional rule: The clothing makes the man. The maximum Charisma one may be considered to have is equal to the integrity score of their clothing plus 10.  So if one is wearing a Duff Tunic and Cloak and has a normal Charisma of 15 they will be treated as if they have a Charisma of  11 at best by NPCs.

All other Equipment
Any time a character fails a saving throw and suffers physical harm from lighting, impact, heat, cold, acid or other physical forces for damage equal to or greater then the integrity of an item a d20 check is required for those items.
GMs may rule extra saves be made above and beyond those required when a saving throw is failed on exposure to special hazards.

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