Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Grotty Repairs

Keeping kit and arms in decent shape in a Grotty Age can be a trial.Materials may be in short supply and construction methods poorly understood by locla craftsmen.
Repairs with a Skilled Craftsman
The quickest method to get equipment resolved for campaigns that want to keep track of repairing gear but not getting to fiddly is to bring the time in question to a skilled craftsman.

Broken Gear can be reworked (if all pieces are retained) for 1/3rd the times original cost with a 50%  chance of success. A second attempt is allowed at 1/5th of cost (additional) but if that fail the item is scrap.

Downgraded Gear can be reworked at 1/5th the original cost. The item is not improved on a roll of 1-2 on d6 but repairs are otherwise improved. If two attempts to improve downgraded gear fail the gear is permanently downgraded to it;s current condition the origna condition is no longer relevant.

Worn Items can be mended by 1 step for 1/20th the original cost of the item.

Repairing Items in the Field

Sometimes a trip to a skilled craftsman in a proper workshop just isn’t an option and repairs must be made in the field.

Broken Gear may not be repaired without a proper workshop. For those crafts with a decent portable toolkit reworking may be attempted for 1/4 of the cost  but is only successful on a 2d6 roll of 8+.  It takes at least a work shift to repair a broken item in the field.

Downgraded Gear might be possible to improve to it’s previous state in the field. Such a repair requires some tools and supplies (consuming 1/10th the original cost of the item).

Field Improvements to Downgraded Gear
2d6 Die Roll
3 or less
Item must save or it is broken.
4 or 5 
Item is currently downgrade to current state
no improvement yet (must spend 1/2 pervious material cost to continue trying)
Item improved one grade (to max of original state)
Superior skill, materials, and tools may improve the 2d6 roll.
It takes a minimum of 1 hour to improve downgraded equipment in the field.

Worn Items may be mended in the field but is is a little risky without preparer tools and some experience. The cost for such repairs is (1/50th the orignal cost of the item if no specific resources are on hand)

Field Repairs to Worn Items
2d6 Roll
2 or less
Item must save or it is broken, even on a save it is downgraded in quality.
Shoddy work causes worn condition to be removed but quality is downgraded
one step of wear is removed
all steps of wear are removed.
Apply the modifier for the current state of wear of the item to the 2d6 roll. Tools materials and skill may improve the repair roll.

It takes 20 minutes to attempt to remove wear on an item.

Quality and Steps of Wear are in last post.

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