Sunday, December 13, 2015

Benefits of Dinning on Dragons.

There’s got to be more use for dragons beside topping large treasures and serving as steeds to high level baddies, right?  What about serving them up for dinner, surely there’s a lot of good eating from the average dragon…

Possible benefits of eating dragon flesh:

Drinking Dragon Dlood is restorative. If a character drinks the blood of a freshly slain dragon they will regain 2hp per dragon HitDie of damage they have suffered. There’ may be enough blood in a dragon for 1 does per HitDie of the dragon. Some alchemists can create expensive flasks that will keep dragon blood fresh for up to a week.

Dragon Blood is fortifying. If a character bathes in the blood of a freshly slain dragon they will regain 3 hp per dragon Hit Die if damaged by the beast’s breath weapon but even more importantly the bather will gain a +2 save vs that dragons breath for a week (if a solo bather).  One bather is possible per 2HD of Dragon but the bonus to the saving throw is not magically imbued if there are multiple bathers.

Dinning on the Pyrocatalytic Gland. The gland that allows a dragon’s breath weapon can be consumed to temporarily gain use of the drain’s breath weapon.  This is risky if the Dragon hadn’t expelled all of it’s daily uses of the breath weapon prior to use a saving throw is required by the dinner (-2 if eaten raw) or the would be diner suffers as if struck by the dragon breath.  If safely consumed the gourmand will receive the ability to expel a 1/2 strength dragon breath attack 3 times; this is dangerous however and the breather is required to make their own saving throw each time (at +2) or suffer the effect of the breath weapon themselves which other wise inflicts harm upon foes in 1/2 the are of effect for 1/2 the usual damage.
Some wizardly chefs claim they know a recipe that allows the gland to be split into three portions (each portion granting 1 use of the breath) so it can be consumed by more than one and the harmful effects are less dangerous (+4 to initial saves and following saves when using the breath weapon)

Dragon Bile. Not directly consumed itself but it makes an excellent agent in marinates and for pickling. Foods preserved in a proper mixture of dragon bile will last indefinitely until the seal on their container is broken.

Dragon meat, plenty to eat.  A dragon will typically feed twice as many man0sized begins as it has Hit dice for a week (if the meat is safe to eat).

Dragon Wing Soup. A soup properly prepared with dragon wing will enhance mundane and magical flight. A portion of dragon wing soup will increase flying speed by 50% for 10 minutes per dragon Hit Die if the flight is attempted within 4 hours of consuming the soup.  There are some witches that claim to know how to preserved the soup so it may be carried as a dry power before begin  reconstituted and warmed. A small dragon could supply up to 4 portions, a medium one 8 portions and a large one a dozen portions.

Item or Service
Typical Cost
Dragon Blood Flask (holds one portion)
Dragon Blood
Recipe for Pyrocatalytic Gland
Chef service for the above
Dragon Bile, one pint
Fresh Dragon Wing Soup, freshly served
Dried Dragon Wing Soup

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  1. I think you meant "dining on dragons."

    "Dinning on dragons" would involve climbing onto said beasts and making much noise, maybe with cymbals and bagpipes. A nice visual, but doesn't match with the rest of the article! :)

    Thanks for all the great posts!