Friday, March 4, 2016

My Dungeon Geomorphs Collection getting edited

The link to the original Dungeon Geomorph Collection file is currently misbehaving for me, I also tried to edit the old one to re-post and it's password locked... surprisingly enough I can't recall a password from over 5 years ago.   I'll be recreating this collection from original files and making the newer edited version available soon.

gratuitous screen shot of editing in progress

The new version will be put on letter sized pages as well, while the original was meant to be used to copy and paste into other files I've realized the large page sizes may be troublesome to some folks so page change size coming along with some reorganization.

If anyone cares, would you like to see the backgrounds changed from the grey they currently are to fancier backgrounds similar to those used by Dyson Logos and in the smaller online posts here or kept grey?


  1. Just wondering if you ever finished this project? Also the hatching like Dyson uses would probably be the better choice.

  2. Did you get the new file made?