Sunday, June 5, 2016

6 Cults of Xor

Among the host of visitors, parasites, and scavengers that trod upon and within Xor there exists a number of cults seeing a connection with the divine. These cults can be alien and just as dangerous and zealous as any cult worshiping the gods with unseen bodies.

The Eternal Flesh- disciples of the eternal flesh preach of the immortality that comes with bonding with Xor and becoming of Xor. The Surgeon Acolytes of the cult of The Eternal Flesh take the infirm and connect their bodies with the sacred body of Xor, the blood of Xor is redirected to flow into the undying vessels, the flesh and other tissues of the undying vessels is peeled back and grafted onto Xor. In time the undying vessels lose all physical vestiges of their personal identity becoming one with Xor, never to die, never to be apart from the cult.

The Scriveners- this cult seeks to inscribe all knowledge upon the flesh of Xor with massive and elaborate encyclopedic tattoos that can wind of virtually for miles, some of which can only be truly appreciated or comprehended from afar or by those with extra-human observational skills. The cult can be found looking for ideal locations to lay down these tattoos, searching and brewing choice pigments, and fashioning implements to properly lay down the wisdom.

The Milkmen- many have mistaken The Milkmen for xor-dwelling nomads because they do not understand the complex physical and (according to the cult) spiritual voyages that The Milkmen take to travel from teat to teat do draw upon the milk Xor. The Milkmen will travel in small vagabond troops singing and engaged in bizarre dance empowered by the milk of Xor. They will trade in the Milk (and in their songs) but seek and see little profit from it seeming to settle for just enough to continue on their unending pilgrimage.

The Thirsters- the thirster clans are dangerous zealots who seek to draw upon the liquid of xor and return all liquid onto xor that have been stolen by parasites and scavengers (as they view them). Any who ever partake upon any of the myriad fluids of Xor that are not of the Thirsters are considered blasphemers. Clearly The Milkmen and The Thirsters will never get along unless the two cults somehow join together, such an aspiration would be heresy among many of The Thirsters but as each clan is led by an ancient charismatic elder the specifics of how each clan functions is variable.

Fleshweavers- the flesh weavers seek to expand upon Xor by bestowing the worthy with grafts form the body of Xor. Fleshweaver saints, guardians, and champions will grow to massive proportions as they accept multiple grafts over their lives for the faith. Among the Fleshweavers there is some contention to the end goal of the weaving and sects have not all agreed if the goal is to become a worthy offspring of Xor, to become a brother ox Xor, or to become a mate of Xor. Some of the less reputable shrines have been known to sell the Holy Grafts to those outside the cult sometimes reasoning it away by pointing out that Xor clearly approves when the graft is successful.

Droning Dreamers- this cult of xor is easy to spot as practitioners will seek the high points upon the body of Xor to perch upon and engage in lengthy droning hymns that if done properly will be rewarded with a meditative dream-like state full or euphoric and prophetic visions.

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