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Xorish Armors

Xor-men, flensers, and freaks have a vast array of materials on hand when crafting their gear here are a few armoring options.

Undying Integument: A suit of this full armor wraps the user in multiple layers of undying  xor-skin that must be must supple and alive with regular oiling, and nutritious blood dips. Anyone wearing an undying integument has a reaction bonus when dealing with semi-intelligent and dumber xor-pests. AC: 5[14], wt-60, 90gp

Callous Sheath Armor
: This cumbersome armor is fashioned from the big strips of callous xor skin and is stitched together in large strips that sheath the wearer. If allowed to dry the armor class will improve by 1 point but must save vs damage each time the user suffers a blow of 6+ pts of damage.
AC: 4[15], wt-50, 120gp

Barnacle Transplant
: Instead of a separate suit of armor of armor those that protest themselves with a barnacle transplant have allowed themselves to be infested with the barnacle like growths that can be found sprouting here and there in the fleshpits. It takes about a week after initial application for the barnacles to provide enough cover to serve as armor, after this happens one must spend a half hour each morning having the barnacles trimmed and scrapped off or lose a point of Dexterity due to the impairment caused by the ever growing and cumbersome coating. If a “wearer” of Barnacle Transplant fails a save vs a breath weapon or gas attack make a save for the transplant as well or it will die back to the point it provides no AC bonus and it will require a week to grow back. Permanently removing a barnacle transplant typically causes a loss of 1 point of CON to the former user. Civilized folk away from Xor away from Xor will be horrified by anyone  hosting a Barnacle Transplant.
AC:6[13], wt-10, 30gp

Wicker-Hair Shield: A shield fashioned from a wicker woven from adequately thick Xor-hairs. It is heavier than a normal shield but it can serve to improve one’s chance to hide from unintelligent creepie crawlies within and upon xor.
AC: as shield,wt-10, 50gp

Tumor Padding: Even viler than it sounds this armor is created by injecting tumorous xor tissues under the skin, if it takes (following a successful save) it will grow large tumorous growths that serve to improve natural AC by 1 point and increase hp by 5 each week of growth but this growth will lower Dexterity by 1 point each week as well in addition to reducing movement by 3 each week after the first. The tumors must be surgically removed or poisoned now and again to check growth or they will overwhelm the host. Normal armor and clothing constructed for the hosts species will not fit over the tumors. As with barnacle transplant above civilized folks will not react well to somoen encumbered by these growths.
AC: special, wt-20lb/week, 500gp

Shield-Snail Symbiot: the shield snail has to be tricked onto crawling onto the wearer with a hormonal treatment that must be reapplied each month of the Shield Snail leaves. A Shield Snail Symbiot has 2Hd of it own and improves it’s wearers AC by 1. A shield snail will not drown if submerged in xor-fluid but must make a separate saving throw vs area attacks or suffer damage. Consider a shield snail to have the same total Ac of it’s wearer if anyone want to attack it directly. A wounded shield snail will recover 2hp an hour by draining it’s host of 3hp so be careful out there. A shield snail symbiot can detect and warn it's user when they are beingobserved by psionic or magical methods of detection.
AC: as shield, wt-15, 300gp

Tick Helm: A few species of Xor Ticks can be encouraged to attach to an individuals head. The tick will effectively lower the wearer hp by 1 per level. The tick helm will improve the wearers AC by 1 point if wearing armor otherwise inferior to plate mail. In any case after a week the Tick Helm and wearer will will sense each others emotions and perceptions which effectively halves the chance of the wearer being surprised.
AC: special, wt-10, 700gp

Nail Scale: growth similar to toenails sprout here and there over Xor and these can be harvested, trimmed, and attached to a backing to provide a decent set of non-metallic scale mail. Any time fire damage is suffered by the wearer of this armor a save is required for the armor or it degrades by 1 point of AC. The wearer has twice the chance to surprise creatures that depend on the sense of smell to detect foes.
AC: 6[13],wt-40, 75gp

Slime-shroud: This armor is a shroud of specially harvested Xor-cells that when worn provides but a one point bonus to AC. The true benefit of the slime shroud is the cells it is made of will provide a +4 bonus vs poisons and gasses to the wearer. If someone is somehow paralyzed or immobilized while wearing a slime-shroud it will begin to devour them consuming 1 hp per round and can’t be removed unless 5 or more points of heat damage is suffered in a single attack (half of which will be suffered by the wearer).
AC:special,wt-15, 1500gp

Xor-skin: plain old leather armor fashioned from the skin of Xor. A wearer does receive a minor bonus (+1 or one level) in their chance to hide while wearing Xor-skin armor upon or within xor.
AC: 7[12],wt-25, 50gp

NOTE: AC statline at the end of each description is as per Swords and Wizardry. AC would be the same in systems starting AC at 9 and going down or as per the brackets if Ac starts at 10 and goes up. Anyone using BFRPG or AD&D like AC scores should likely increase the AC score by 1 as appropriate.

Fleshmaze dressing:


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  2. Weapons

    Bone, sinew and tooth weapons
    Gum with living teeth - attacks with own HD 2-4
    Rotating teeth +d3
    Fleshy gum with set of teeth +d4 attacks as HD 2-4
    Lamprey flail if hits sticks to target sucking a d4 per round till absorbs 8hp (16 for better ones)
    Bioilogical harpoon guns
    spears that secrete poison or acid
    bioelectic weapons
    living tubes that shoot, musk, acid, napalm
    needs more