Thursday, June 9, 2016

Nerve Tapping Neuronauts.

The nerves of Xor are ever-growing and shifting communicating a vast array of stimulus to an incredibly complicated body. These nerve signals carry every sensation and convey a wealth of information beyond what most immortals imagine a simple structure like a nerve would. There are those upon and within Xor that tap into this flood of information and sensation for the enlightenment and revelation provided.

Tapping into a nerve requires cutting into the flesh and tissues of Xor this alone is not without it’s dangers and when the nerve itself is found it has to be cut and spliced in with the nerves of the neuronaut.  The flood of pain that must first be dealt with can overcome even and experienced neuronaut and the sensations that follow have to be sorted out. An individual neuronaut opens themselves to all others that have tapped into the nerves of Xor and to the body of Xor itself; getting lost in the neural-space of Xor is a serious threat to the nerve tapping neuronaut.

The neurospace of Xor is the unconscious physical reality begin communicated to Xor it is a personal hommunculi of immense complexity and scale and while it is not always completely accurate it does contain a vast array of insight and information. A neuronaut is able to sense the world as a subset of Xor does at an organic level these insights can appear to function as extra-sensory perception does to unconnected beings and is initially all that is sought by fledgling neuronauts. Those able to clamber about within the neurospace can find out secrets that would be difficult or impossible to discover otherwise.

Many of the insights discovered by neuronauts would best be described as being similar to he effects of magical powers and psionic abilities similar to clairvoyance, and clairaudience. Detection of magic and invisibility is well within the range of sensations that can be sussed out and realized by a neuronaut along with remote-viewing mentioned above.

The neuronaut has to be cautious because exposing their limited self to the flood of sensations Xor exposes itself to can be overpowering. Everytime a neuronaut taps into the nerves of Xor they are exposing themselves to sensation on a cosmic scale and the pain, pleasure, and irritation conveyed can simulate a “bad trip” experienced by a durg-user or far far worse as the limits of self most mortal men experience are not shared by the scale of a being such as Xor.

A neuronaut is also limited by their ability to tap into the nerves themselves. A nerve must be tapped and spliced into the actual nerves of a neuronaut at first simple contact allows for insight a neophyte can bear but as one is more and more experienced thichekd nerves are thought out and the connection must be dearer with nerves being joined at the spine or even directly into the brain; the physical procedures required are difficult and dangerous. While the neuronaut is tapped into Xor they are indeed physically tethered to Xor despite the ability of their consciousness to explore the neural space of Xor and this can be dangerous due to the host of parasites that would gladly fall upon an unwary neuronaut and the defensive systems of Xor itself reacting to the physical intrusion.

Just a general description of the concept for now, I've been pondeirng on how to express this since I wrote the cults post a couple days ago.  So what would it take to fit nerve-tapping neuronauts into a campaign upon and within Xor? How can one avoid the tedium introduced by hackers and net-runners in some games?  Should the Neuronaut be a magic-user, a psionic, is nerve-tapping and journeying in neuro-space a skill based option, should it have its own character class or can anyone daring and foolish enough tap in once they gain enough knowledge on how to do so? Is neuro-space best expressed as an alternate astral/ethereal plane within Xor?

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  1. This was my take on hackers. I tried to integrate them into the dungeon, and make the hacking similar to magic is how it was *used*, but very different in how it was *acquired*.