Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Post Apocalyptic Hex Map

 Here's a post apocalyptic hex map using some of the newer stuff I'm working on and my older Post Apocalypse Hex Symbols.

Click for 150dpi version


This map is packed with adventure opportunities. Ruined cities galore, a cracked dome arcology, and a sealed one as well. Strange hives in the rustlands, a vile toxic swamp, an ancient battlefield, and a massive pile of tires. 


  1. "Rustlands" is a great name, and I really like the purple in the swamp icon. I think the cracked dome and the mysterious golden dome would draw me in if I were playing.

    1. Glad you like it. RPG maps should be interesting and fun to look at and I've been of a mind lately players should be able to see most of the map from the get go to inspire and direct them.

    2. I think there are some real advantages to being able to share as many inspirational images with the players as possible.

      Plus if the goal is to have a sandbox, letting the players see the map and decide where they want to go makes sense.