Friday, January 15, 2021

Wilderness Hex Map

 Just for the fun of it a wilderness hex map.  

Click for 150dpi version.

I used my town and castle icons and a few new wilderness icons I'm testing out.  I didn't set it up to be keyed yet because I'm not to sure about scale. If you want to have fun with it feel free of course, just let other people know where you got it.


  1. I like the style! My fav part is the little village atop a mound in the upper right corner

  2. Thanks. I like to mix up the icons and make things look a little more fun when I can manage it.

    1. It's a also good to add some visual info to the map that the GM can riff off!

      (at the same time, the map shouldn't be "overloaded" with minuscule detail - I think you strike a good balance)

  3. Fun map JD. You can see the entire layout in a glance. Well done.