Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Character Race: Mutak (first draft)

Hit Dice: 1d6 per point of CON
Mutations: 1 mental and 1d4+2 physical mutations

Mutaks are amazingly mutated descendants of humanity. They are considered freakish even by the standards of the Mutant Future. They are ever changing and one would be hard pressed to recognize a specific Mutak from year to year. Mutations that are physically noticeable are always extremely noticeable (even outlandish). Mutations that may not typically have a physical manifestation may indeed have one should the ML and player wish to create one.

Mutation Development: For each mutation rolled determine it's development according to this table. 1d8 at character creation, 1d10 when gaining a level.

Die Roll....Development
1-2.............Latent, the mutation is present but not currently useable by the Mutak
3-4............Vestigial, the mutation is present but minor. the mutation may be used but once per day. If normally always active it is only usable for an hour day. If a drawback it can be willingly suppressed for 1 hour a day. All variable numbers are lowest possible score no roll required.
5-6............typical, as per description in book.
7-8...........Developed/Chronic. Usable twice as often. Fixed score are improved by 1. Damage causing mutations receive a bonus of 2 pts per die. Drawbacks are twice as severe.
9-10.......Purged, the mutation disappears.

When a Mutak gains a level it re-rolls the development of all mutations. A Mutak could find an effective mutational power becomes undependable or a scourge could disappear.

If a Mutak fails 3 saving throws versus radiation in one day the the Mutak develops a new mutation. When a Mutak gains a new mutation there is a 20% chance it is a mental mutation, otherwise it is physical mutation.

Mutaks are considered unstable and undependable by most who are aware of their true nature. This prejudice and their own personal attitude about others being likely to treat them poorly gives Mutaks a -2 to their CHA score.

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